The Most Important Deity: Your Higher Self

Beautiful natural woman smiling in nature

Many new practitioners of ATR hear about and focus on the Orishas, Lwas, Vodun, and other spirits when they first embrace an African spiritual practice. However, few understand the significance of the Higher Self when they first begin such a journey. Africans have always regarded the Higher Self as a vital deity or energy in their lives. In fact, it is considered the most important deity in many systems.

Each of us has divine power that resides within us and is responsible for helping us achieve our destinies. In western society, this energy may be referred to as our subconscious or intuition. Though, this energy is not regarded as a deity or spirit in the west in the same way as it is in ATR practices. However, it is a vital part of our spiritual team nevertheless. In this episode, I explore the role that the Higher Self plays in our lives, how to feed or appease this energy, and how it functions in our spiritual journey.