About Dr. Asanee Brogan

Dr. Asanee Brogan is a spiritual life coach, diviner, and author. She has worked and lived in many regions throughout the world, inclusive of West Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean Islands.

Dr. Asanee currently serves as the Principal Coach and CEO of Asanee 44 LLC. This organization was founded by Dr. Asanee’s desire to empower individuals from underrepresented communities in the areas of business, career, and finances.

Asanee 44’s outreach has now expanded to spiritual coaching and offerings, which is currently the primary emphasis of the company. Though the overriding focus of Asaneee 44 has changed, Dr. Asanee is still passionate about helping others achieve career, business, and financial success. As such, she continues to create coaching toolkits and spiritual services related to these core areas.

As a practitioner of two African spiritual systems, Dr. Asanee also creates and publishes spiritual coaching tools. She is a devotee of both the Ifa and Haitian Vodou spiritual systems. Her experience in both of these systems has been instrumental in the development of her knowledge and understanding of spiritualism. She makes a humble attempt to relay her ever-growing knowledge of this subject through coaching, writing, teaching, and mentoring.