Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle Deck


The Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle is a distinctly unique deck that profiles the archetypical energies venerated throughout the African diaspora. Each card meticulously outlines the number symbology, iconography, and attributes commonly associated with the deity represented.

This deck catalogs 44 spirits from areas as varied as Benin, the Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa, South America, etc. But, the Spirits of Africa are essentially enumerable. As such, this deck captures the fundamental essence of the ancient, universal energies that have empowered African people worldwide from time immortal.

Numbers are the guiding oracle messages in the Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle deck. This thoughtfully designed work of art was conceptualized to help you connect with numbers as a form of spiritual communication. As you interact with these oracle messages, you will find the answers you need to live a more productive and successful life.

This item is available for backorder only at this time. It is scheduled to begin shipping in early January 2023. 

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