African Spirituality Resources

African Spirituality Resources

This page provides a list of resources about African Traditional Religion (ATR) or African spiritual practices recommended by Dr. Asanee.

Each resource on this list is recommended based on quality and accuracy factors. Most of the resources on this list are published or produced by individuals of African descent (exceptions are made when race or ethnicity could not be determined).

Resources are organized alphabetically based on category. This list is a work in progress – it will be updated as Dr. Asanee continues to interact with resources that she deems worthy of adding to the list.

ACS does not receive compensation for resources on this list unless ACS produces or publishes the resources. Producers, creators, or suppliers can not pay to be included on this list. Such decisions are made solely based on the discretion of ACS.

Note that only resource recommendations are included on this page. ACS makes no guarantees based on the quality or efficacy of the products or services provided by the individuals or organizations on this list.