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I am not a card junkie, but I love keeping aesthetically pleasing tarot and oracle decks in my toolbox. Pictures speak volumes, and oftentimes the fewer words on a card, the better for me. My process for selecting card decks is simple yet complex at the same time. It is simple in that the cards should be visually attractive to me. At first sight, I must be able to connect with them on a soul level.

However, it is complex because I prefer thematic cards that connect to my holistic being. And herein lies the dilemma. As a tarot reader of African American descent, it is important for me to maintain a supply of culturally relevant tarot and oracle decks in my toolbox. However, there are few decks in this genre, and the available ones are not always easily accessible.

But I also enjoy decks by creators of non-African descent. My favorite themes include astrology, numerology, nature, and animals. Even more, I love decks that feature affirmations, proverbs, or wise sayings. So, if I can find a well-designed deck with any of these themes, I usually add it to my collection.

So, I created this page with the list of African and non-African-themed decks I keep in my toolbox for others like me. Hopefully, you will be inspired to add some of these decks to your collection. 

African-Themed Tarot Decks

African-Themed Oracle Decks

Other Oracle Decks

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