Spiritual Coaching


We help you effectively navigate your spiritual evolution in a holistic, goal-oriented manner. Our specialty is assisting individuals challenged with shifting from a religious belief system to a spiritual mindset.

We believe that all indigenous or traditional spiritual systems are equally valuable and relevant. Therefore, we can assist you in your spiritual journey regardless of which traditional system you endeavor to embrace.

We are well-versed in shamanic spiritual systems as we are practitioners of Ifa and Haitian Vodou. However, the scope of our guidance is not limited to these two belief systems. We know that all indigenous or traditional spiritual systems are equally valuable and relevant. Therefore, we can assist you in any or all of the areas listed in the coaching benefits section below regardless of which indigenous system you endeavor to embrace.



Our unique spiritual coaching program will equip you with the skills to:

  • Achieve a state of conscious living
  • Heal past wounds, trauma, and stagnation
  • Determine the right spiritual path for you
  • Conquer religiosity and religious programming
  • Connect with your spiritual team on a deeper level
  • Overcome limiting beliefs about your spiritual path
  • Understand the foundational elements of spirituality
  • Work with universal laws to achieve greater abundance

Refund Policy

Asanee 44 LLC does not offer returns, exchanges, or refunds for any coaching services that have been delivered to clients. Our organization does not offer refunds for missed coaching sessions that are due to the sole responsibility of the client. Failure to attend coaching sessions at the agreed-upon date, time, and location means the client forfeits payment rendered for the coaching session(s).

If clients are unsatisfied with the coaching services received, they may receive a full refund for any unused or remaining services in their coaching package. Clients may exchange coaching services for other services of equal or greater value that are available throughout Asanee 44 LLC. Clients are responsible for covering the cost difference for services valued at a higher rate when exchanging services.

Coaching clients are responsible for notifying their Coach of any cancellations at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled coaching services. The Coach reserves the right to retain prepaid charges for missed coaching services owing to the Client’s responsibility. The Coach will attempt in good faith to reschedule missed meetings.

See Coaching Terms of Use for more details.

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