Ifa Tradition Mentorship


Our Ifa spiritual mentorship services are designed to give you foundational knowledge and practical application of Ifa customs and practices based out of Yorubaland, Nigeria. We specialize in teaching principles for connecting with ancestors and spirits. Our goal is to responsibly and safely guide practitioners in the philosophy and lifestyle of these traditions for the purpose of self-efficacy.

We provide direct answers to questions related to the practice of the Ifa (Orisha) tradition via email. Answers to questions may be presented in written, audio, or video format, depending on the nature of the question. Responses may likewise be answered by any of our associates skilled in these systems.

Include your questions in the box below. Note that you will only receive answers to the number of questions purchased in your package. If you include more than the allowable number of questions, only the questions at the top of the list will be responded to.


Types of Questions

This is not a divination session where you receive answers about your personal situation. Only questions that pertain to the specific spiritual system will be answered when this service is purchased. 

Appropriate types of questions may include (but are not limited to the following):

  • How do I pray according to this belief system?
  • Can you guide me in setting up an ancestor altar?
  • How do I perform a specific type of ritual?
  • How do I set up an altar for a specific spirit?
  • How do I give an offering to a specific spirit?

Scope of Practice

Black magic or witchcraft is not within the scope of our training services – we do not teach clients how to harm or manipulate the will of others. While properly implementing our teachings may result in the acquisition of love, financial gain, improved health, elevated social status, or similar results, we do not teach malevolent or manipulative spellbinding.

Return Policy

Asanee 44 LLC does not provide returns, refunds, or exchanges on courses, digital items, clothing, and apparel. These items are not returnable due to the nature of their design, as they are either immediately accessible or customized. As such, customers will not receive refunds for canceled, rendered, or delivered offerings in these categories.

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