Taboos in Ifa Religion 

Taboos in the Ifa religion are referred to as eewo. They protect us against physical and spiritual death and other opposing forces. Whenever you break a taboo, you invite those forces into your life. Whenever you follow your taboos, you help sustain individual and universal balance.

Everyone has a different eewo — a taboo that is helpful for one person may actually be harmful to another. Also, everyone has family taboos that apply to their entire lineage. Certain taboos apply to every Ifa devotee, such as patience and good moral character. 

Those who do not practice Ifa or similar traditions are typically unaware of the significance of taboos. Some suffer needlessly because they unknowingly violate their taboos. Others intentionally violate their taboos. In either case, one can lose valuable blessings or put themselves in harm’s way by not adhering to taboos. 

For instance, wearing certain colors can invite evil spirits into your life. Being too anxious can result in poverty or financial lack. And eating certain foods may cause sickness. Other taboos can even lead to early death.

Purpose of Ifa Taboos

Ifa taboos aim to maintain harmony and security for all humanity. For the most part, taboos are things we agreed to do or not do before coming to earth. These criteria were established to help us live fruitful lives and achieve our destinies while on earth. 

Many taboos apply to different situations, but there is no way for individuals to know their taboos without consulting an Ifa priest or priestess. This knowledge is gained through a complex divination process. 

During special ceremonies like receiving the Hand of Ifa and other icons or initiation, one often receives taboos about their life. However, other taboos may come up during regular reading sessions. This is one reason why consistent readings are vital in an Ifa devotee’s practice.  

Breaking Ifa Taboos  

It is recommended not to break one’s taboos because doing so can lead to negative consequences. Sometimes breaking a taboo occurs by mistake or ignorance. Other times this process is intentional. Either way, it is not advisable to break an Ifa taboo. 

Breaking taboos can have disastrous consequences and should never be taken lightly. For instance, violating one’s taboos can result in imprisonment, relationship discord, financial problems, etc.  

Sometimes breaking taboos may be unavoidable. In which case, it is crucial to consult an Ifa priest or priestess beforehand, if possible. They can usually provide you with alternative measures to take or give offerings to appease your spirits in such instances.