Orishas of Prosperity

Orishas of Prosperity

There are a number of different Orishas associated with wealth, abundance, and good fortune. Prosperity is an important concept within many Orisha traditions like Ifa, Santeria, Lucumi, etc. It is often seen as a sign of blessing from the deities, and as such, is something that is highly sought after. For this reason, there are … Continue reading Orishas of Prosperity

Head Orisha

Who is Your Head Orisha?

Orishas are deities or spirits in African traditional religions. They live within and around us. Like humans, they have distinct personalities with strengths and weaknesses of their own. Your head orisha is one of the most important personal deities according to the Ifa spiritual system and other diasporic traditions. Many other deities work with you, … Continue reading Who is Your Head Orisha?

Taboos in Ifa

Taboos in Ifa Religion 

Taboos in the Ifa religion are referred to as eewo. They protect us against physical and spiritual death and other opposing forces. Whenever you break a taboo, you invite those forces into your life. Whenever you follow your taboos you help sustain individual and universal balance. Everyone has different eewo — a taboo that is … Continue reading Taboos in Ifa Religion 

Ifa Religion

How to Practice Ifa Religion

You may be aware that I am now offering Ifa divination services on ACS. I provide these services through a Nigerian-based Babalawo, with whom I closely work. This service was added by popular demand. Many people come to me seeking out reputable priests and priestesses within African traditional systems. There are many available, but I … Continue reading How to Practice Ifa Religion

Feeding the Spirits

Feeding the Spirits: Sacrifices, Offerings, & Ritual Work

It is often said that “nothing in the spirit realm is free”. This concept applies to the notion of feeding or appeasing spirits in traditional spiritual systems. Feeding the spirits is a very common, yet often misunderstood concept in ATR. From animal sacrifices to alcohol and fruit, many people are often confused by the work … Continue reading Feeding the Spirits: Sacrifices, Offerings, & Ritual Work

African Spirits

Connecting with African Deities

When newcomers begin to embrace African spirituality they often desire to start with African deities from the door. They usually overlook important spirits like their ancestors and Ori at the beginning of their journey. Like other energies discussed in previous episodes, the Orishas, Lwas, Vodun, etc. are vital components of your spiritual team. However, one … Continue reading Connecting with African Deities

Ancestor Elevation

The Essence of Ancestor Elevation

Ancestor veneration is core to any African spiritual practice. As more and more people embrace African Traditional Religions (ATR), they begin to explore this vital concept. Though some of them may feel uneasy about connecting with their ancestors at first. This is primarily because it is common for newcomers to only focus on their most … Continue reading The Essence of Ancestor Elevation

Spirits of Africa Oracle Card Deck

Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle Card Deck – Indiegogo Campaign

I am very excited to share the news about the upcoming release of the Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle card deck. This is a collaborative project between Asanee Coaching Services and the Ginen Store that is finally ready to make its entrance into the world of African-inspired oracle deck collections. The Spirits of Africa Oracle … Continue reading Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle Card Deck – Indiegogo Campaign