Spiritual Business Coaching Services

Asanee 44 provides spiritual business coaching services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Dr. Asanee specializes in business design, launch, growth, and pivoting strategies. Her overriding goal is to help you build a sustainable and scalable business model.

She works with business owners who offer various spiritual services, including energy healing, spiritual coaching, divination services, astrology, numerology, etc. Dr. Asanee has tried and true experience developing diverse business models in education, healthcare, and more. But her passion lies in the spirituality niche.


Spiritual businesses are unique as they offer intuitively-driven products and services. They are often led by spiritual practitioners interested in promoting their clients’ inner growth. These endeavors rely on self-help, motivation, and advising clients to work on the ethereal plane.

Dr. Asanee can assist you with establishing a business model that meets the unique needs of your clients. Likewise, she can guide you in selecting a spiritual business model that reflects your values. With the right tools, Dr. Asanee can help you quickly and easily establish your business as a spiritual enterprise.


Dr. Asanee maintains a holistic approach to business coaching. She understands that being an entrepreneur involves integrating many aspects of life. This component includes exerting physical effort in developing and growing a business. Yet, it also involves navigating the dynamics of life obligations, social barriers, personal insecurities, past trauma, and other challenges.

This is why Dr. Asanee examines and addresses these and other forces that impact your life throughout the coaching process. She believes in balance and is adamant about helping clients achieve harmony as they pursue their passion. As such, she helps clients identify their strengths and weaknesses, set achievable goals, and develop strategies for accomplishing them.

Coaching Outcomes

After completing our spiritual business coaching program, you will be equipped to: 

  • Overcome fear and limiting beliefs
  • Assess your entrepreneurship readiness
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy
  • Set a competitive pricing structure
  • Determine and negotiate your value
  • Develop and empower employees
  • Connect with an accountability partner
  • Effectively manage stress and burnout


We can help you achieve success in the following areas of your spiritual business:

  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Financial Planning
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies

Session Details

  • 90-Minute In-Take Consultation
  • 60-Minute Follow-up Sessions
  • Detailed Session Reports
  • Unlimited Email Support

Session reports are typically provided as recorded audiovisual content. However, they may also be provided in written format. Unlimited email support is available up to 14 calendar days after the conclusion of a session.