Connecting with Your Ancestors – 2nd Edition

Ancestor veneration is an essential part of African and other traditional spiritual practices. It is at the core of indigenous spiritual beliefs because our ancestors are the core of our DNA. Sadly, the practice of ancestor veneration has become lost or forgotten within certain cultures due to the impact of non-traditional spiritual belief systems. But all is not lost. 

You can still have the wisdom and guidance of your ancestors in your time of need. You can still honor them even if you did not grow up in a culture where ancestor veneration is part of everyday life. Connecting with your ancestors is as simple as extending a heartfelt invitation and opening your heart with gratitude and hopeful expectation.

There are many ways to extend such an invitation. Some of them are based on customs and traditions from specific cultural groups. Others are basic yet effective strategies that anyone can implement. This book outlines some of the foundational tools and techniques that you can use to restore lost ancestral connections. It also provides sound principles for developing an ancestral veneration practice and discusses its many benefits.

Additionally, this book guides you on setting up an ancestor altar, giving ancestral offerings, conducting elevation ceremonies, and applying other strategies to honor your lost loved ones. Even more, it provides a foundation for propitiating, understanding, and discerning spiritual communication. Finally, it outlines the tenets of ancestral veneration in a responsible, easy-to-follow format that will benefit you for years to come.

Second Edition Features
The second edition of this book has been updated to include the following:

  • The ancestor elevation section has been revised to include practices from the Ifa tradition out of Yorubaland, Nigeria
  • A section about special considerations when venerating your ancestors with your family, as a woman, or when traveling has been added
  • The section about divination tools and techniques has been expanded to include descriptions of easy-to-use self-divination tools
  • The cover of this edition likewise pays homage to the ancestor veneration according to the Haitian way. The image depicts a Haitian woman kneeling before her ancestor’s offerings as she performs a liminasyon.

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