Chicken used in a religious sacrifice

Feeding the Spirits: Sacrifices, Offerings, & Ritual Work

It is often said that “nothing in the spirit realm is free”. This concept applies to the notion of feeding or appeasing spirits in traditional spiritual systems. Feeding the spirits is a very common, yet often misunderstood concept in ATR. From animal sacrifices to alcohol and fruit, many people are often confused by the work … Continue reading Feeding the Spirits: Sacrifices, Offerings, & Ritual Work

Traditional African masks at a stall in the market

Connecting with African Deities

When newcomers begin to embrace African spirituality they often desire to start with African deities from the door. They usually overlook important spirits like their ancestors and Ori at the beginning of their journey. Like other energies discussed in previous episodes, the Orishas, Lwas, Vodun, etc. are vital components of your spiritual team. However, one … Continue reading Connecting with African Deities

Graveyard on a brightly lit day

The Essence of Ancestor Elevation

Ancestor veneration is core to any African spiritual practice. As more and more people embrace African Traditional Religions (ATR), they begin to explore this vital concept. Though some of them may feel uneasy about connecting with their ancestors at first. This is primarily because it is common for newcomers to only focus on their most … Continue reading The Essence of Ancestor Elevation

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The Most Important Deity: Your Higher Self

Many new practitioners of ATR hear about and focus on the Orishas, Lwas, Vodun, and other spirits when they first embrace an African spiritual practice. However, few understand the significance of the Higher Self when they first begin such a journey. Africans have always regarded the Higher Self as a vital deity or energy in … Continue reading The Most Important Deity: Your Higher Self

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Hierarchy of African Spirits

The spirits venerated in African Traditional Religions are enumerable. They range in scope and practice from system to system. And, they are just as organized and complex as human-derived structures. In this episode, you will learn about the many and varied tiers of African spirits worshipped throughout the diaspora. So, join me in this episode … Continue reading Hierarchy of African Spirits

Brazilian Candomble Priest performing a blessing

Why Practice African Spirituality?

If you are looking for reasons to convince yourself or your loved ones that ATR is for you, this episode will do the trick. It explores the many benefits of embracing African spirituality from a practical and conceptual perspective. In this episode, I discuss how ATR can help you align with your destiny, connect with … Continue reading Why Practice African Spirituality?

Skull in midst of leaves, acorns, and candles

The Drawbacks of Practicing African Traditional Religion

As a practitioner of two African spiritual systems, I absolutely enjoy my practice. I encourage others who are drawn to these systems to see what they are all about. African traditional religions (ATRs) are vast and intricate systems that have been around for thousands of years and have stood the test of time. There are … Continue reading The Drawbacks of Practicing African Traditional Religion

attractive young African woman wearing traditional clothes and holding a mask

Reimagining African Spirituality

African spiritual systems are beautiful traditions. However, most of the world doesn’t see it as such. Sadly, our traditions have been demonized and desecrated to the point that our own people even shun and ostracize our native practices. Most of the images from our systems come from old colonial ideas about our people engaging in … Continue reading Reimagining African Spirituality