Review Articles

review articles

Review articles are a popular way of writing about products and services. They are usually written by experts and provide an unbiased opinion about a business’s offerings. Professional reviews can be either positive or negative, but most of them are positive because they help increase sales.

Asanee 44 conducts product/service reviews for this service. Advertising partners wishing to avail this service must provide a sample of their product or service for review. We test the product or service and write an honest review post for your brand. Review articles are typically between 1000-1500 words.

Topics Covered

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Asanee 44 LLC provides review articles in the following categories on these websites:

  • Spirituality*
  • Vodou (Voodoo)
  • African Spirituality
  • Metaphysics
  • Spiritualism*

*Spirituality and spiritualism include indigenous and traditional spiritual practices such as (traditional African religions, shamanism, conjure, magic, spiritism, sorcery, necromancy, alchemy, metaphysics, divination, etc.).

Keywords (Anchor Text)

Review article services include up to three keywords (anchor text) and do-follow links provided by the sponsor. We offer keyword research services for an additional fee (contact us for more details).


Asanee 44 LLC reserves the right to refuse to publish or modify any content that is not in alignment with its mission, vision, and valuesAsanee 44 LLC does not accept marketing content that is directly competitive with its offerings.