Akose: Ifa Spiritual Medicine

In the Ifa tradition, spiritual medicine is often used to remedy physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual maladies. Though in the western world, not much attention is given to this aspect of Ifa. Instead, more emphasis is often placed on sacrifices and offerings among those in the diaspora. However, Akose or spiritual medicine, is a vital … Continue reading Akose: Ifa Spiritual Medicine

Ifa Temple Tour with Image of Esu Icon

Tour of an Ifa Temple in Oyo, Nigeria

Have you ever wondered what the inside of an Ifa temple looks like? Did you imagine a pristine building with traditional architecture? Or did you think about a space lined with prayer mats, beads, and other spiritual paraphernalia? Well, an Ifa temple and Orisa icons often look quite different than the average person imagines. Ifa … Continue reading Tour of an Ifa Temple in Oyo, Nigeria