Understanding Egbe Orun

Understanding Egbe Orun: Exploring the Role of Our Heavenly Mates

The realm of human spirituality is truly captivating, woven intricately with innumerable threads symbolizing different belief systems and traditions. Among these, the Ifa tradition stands as a shining example. It encapsulates the profound connection between humans, the Divine, and the Cosmos. At the heart of Ifa lies a mysterious and intriguing concept known as "Egbe … Continue reading Understanding Egbe Orun: Exploring the Role of Our Heavenly Mates

Is Ifa Initiation (Itefa) Right for You?

I get asked about Ifa initiation often by clients seeking to embrace this tradition. It has become a popular topic of discussion throughout the diaspora community. It tends to be a big deal among the African diaspora because we have been separated from our traditions for so long. And many want to connect with them … Continue reading Is Ifa Initiation (Itefa) Right for You?

Akose: Ifa Spiritual Medicine

In the Ifa tradition, spiritual medicine is often used to remedy physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual maladies. Though in the western world, not much attention is given to this aspect of Ifa. Instead, more emphasis is often placed on sacrifices and offerings among those in the diaspora. However, Akose or spiritual medicine, is a vital … Continue reading Akose: Ifa Spiritual Medicine

The Names of Olódùmarè

Olódùmarè is a prominent figure in the Yoruba religion of Ifa. He is revered as the High Priest and Oracle of Ifa. As such, he has many names which reflect his various roles and attributes. These names are used to invoke the presence of Olódùmarè during religious ceremonies and rituals. And they give us many … Continue reading The Names of Olódùmarè

When Should You Receive an Ifa or Orisa Name?

An Ifa or Orisa name is a spiritual name given to a person in the Yoruba traditional religion of Ifa. It is used to identify a person’s connection to Ifa or a specific Orisa. Every name given in the Ifa tradition has a specific meaning. And it is directly related to the individual’s destiny or … Continue reading When Should You Receive an Ifa or Orisa Name?

How Ifa Divination Works

How Ifa Divination Works

Ifa divination is an ancient spiritual practice from the Yoruba people of West Africa. It is a form of divination that uses an oracle to communicate with the divine. The oracle, known as the Oracle of Ifa, contains a set of sacred objects used in traditional Yoruba divinity. Through this system, one can gain insight … Continue reading How Ifa Divination Works

Ifa Temple Tour with Image of Esu Icon

Tour of an Ifa Temple in Oyo, Nigeria

Have you ever wondered what the inside of an Ifa temple looks like? Did you imagine a pristine building with traditional architecture? Or did you think about a space lined with prayer mats, beads, and other spiritual paraphernalia? Well, an Ifa temple and Orisa icons often look quite different than the average person imagines. Ifa … Continue reading Tour of an Ifa Temple in Oyo, Nigeria