Akose: Ifa Spiritual Medicine

Akose: Ifa Spiritual Medicine

In the Ifa tradition, spiritual medicine is often used to remedy physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual maladies. Though in the western world, not much attention is given to this aspect of Ifa. Instead, more emphasis is often placed on sacrifices and offerings among those in the diaspora. However, Akose or spiritual medicine, is a vital part of the Ifa tradition as it invokes tremendous healing power.

Akose involves the use of various substances to produce potent healing remedies. These substances may include herbs, roots, leaves, animal parts, etc. Once prepared, this spiritual medicine may be taken or used in the form of divination powders, liquids, soaps, charms, amulets, etc. A Babalawo or Iyanifa is typically charged with the task of making such medicines. However, other Ifa devotees may be skilled in certain aspects of this process as well. 

Though Akose is separate from etutu (sacrifices and offerings), the two typically go hand-in-hand. Usually, an Ifa reading will reveal that an individual needs to do both to achieve holistic wellness. In such instances, the person should follow through accordingly to reach their desired outcome.

What is Ifa Spiritual Medicine Used For? 

Spiritual medicine is useful for practically any purpose in the Ifa tradition. Plants are believed to hold inherent power or divine Ase. This power is integrated with spiritual invocations, which combined have the ability to heighten one’s spiritual perception. They can likewise assist and support the process of healing. As such, plant medicine is capable of enhancing an individual’s overall well-being.

Akose can assist in restoring all manners of physical, mental, and emotional illnesses. Its healing ability is virtually limitless in these areas and others. It can help you overcome skin and eye problems, fertility issues, impotence, infections, viruses, acute and chronic disease states, etc. Ifa spiritual medicine is also useful for strengthening one’s vitality and ensuring longevity.  

Aside from physical ailments, Akose is likewise beneficial for spiritual conditions, including astral attacks, hexes and curses, witchcraft, and the like. Additionally, it can give you victory over your enemies, bring forth personal and business success, and alleviate love problems, among other things. This type of treatment is even effective in solidifying real estate ventures and bringing prosperity in other forms. Additionally, it is potent in giving one favor in litigation matters. Again, the healing possibilities are virtually endless with this spiritual remedy.


Spiritual medicine used within the Ifa religion is undoubtedly potent. It can bring forth long-awaited answers to prayers and serve as a protective tonic. It cures virtually anything that ails you. And it provides you with the foundation for success in many areas of your life.

If you wish to enjoy such benefits, be sure to consult with an Ifa priest or priestess about your needs. Likewise, follow through accordingly with any remedies given. Taking such steps will ensure beneficial results with the varied forms of herbal remedies available through this spiritual practice.