Obatala in the Ifa Religion

Obatala, known as Orisa Nla, is an orisha in the traditional African religion of Ifa. According to Yoruba mythology, he is the Sky Father and the maker of human bodies brought to life by Olodumare's calm breath. This deity is the most ancient of all orishas in this African religion. Olodumare gave Obatala permission to … Continue reading Obatala in the Ifa Religion

Black woman representing a female Orisha.

Who is Your Head Orisha?

Orishas are deities or spirits in African traditional religions. They live within and around us. Like humans, they have distinct personalities with strengths and weaknesses of their own. Your head Orisha is one of the most important personal deities according to the Ifa religion and other diasporic traditions. Many other deities work with you, but … Continue reading Who is Your Head Orisha?

Hand of Ifa

Hand of Ifa (Isefa)

The Hand of Ifa or Isefa in the Yoruba language is a set of consecrated ikin dedicated to Orunmila. This is the first sacred Orisha pot or icon that devotees receive during an Isefa ceremony. Typically Ifa devotees receive 21 ikins for Orunmila and one icon for Eshu. Eshu, the messenger Orisha, always gets the … Continue reading Hand of Ifa (Isefa)

Ifa ileke beads

Ileke Beads in the Ifa Tradition

Ileke beads, sometimes referred to as Ifa or Orisha beads, are a type of beaded jewelry that can be found in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. The word ileke means "bead" in the Yoruba language. Seeds, beans, and stones are kneaded together to form these elaborate fetishes. The beadwork is created by stringing together … Continue reading Ileke Beads in the Ifa Tradition

Animal sacrificed for Candomble offering

Sacrifice in Ifa Religion

Sacrifice in the Ifa religion is a means of giving or offering something to gain something greater in return. Religious sacrifices of this nature usually involve offering food, objects, or the lives of animals to a divine being as an act of worship. In most African traditional religions, ritual sacrifices are encouraged to appease the … Continue reading Sacrifice in Ifa Religion

Orishas in the Ifa Tradition

Orishas, also spelled Orisa, are natural forces or supernatural entities of the universe. These spirits are also referred to as deities or gods of the elements in the Ifa tradition of West Africa. They serve as conduits or intermediaries between humans and the Supreme Being (Olodumare) to benefit and help humans enjoy life.  There are … Continue reading Orishas in the Ifa Tradition

Taboos in Ifa Religion 

Taboos in the Ifa religion are referred to as eewo. They protect us against physical and spiritual death and other opposing forces. Whenever you break a taboo, you invite those forces into your life. Whenever you follow your taboos, you help sustain individual and universal balance. Everyone has a different eewo — a taboo that … Continue reading Taboos in Ifa Religion 

Opon Ifa board

What are the Rules of Ifa Religion?

The Ifa religion is one of the most widely practiced African traditional religions. Various rules underline the principles of the Ifa religion. Before considering these rules, we must understand other aspects of the Ifa religion. Ifa is an African religion that has contributed to the lives of people that adhere to it. It is a religion … Continue reading What are the Rules of Ifa Religion?