Sex and African Spirituality

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Let’s talk about sex and African spirituality. This isn’t a topic that is broached much in public forums. One of the main reasons for that is because sex is considered sacred and private by many people throughout the African diaspora. It is not something meant for public display in most African cultures.

Accepted as a natural, normal process, sex serves a vital purpose. In African spiritual circles, sex is viewed as a sacred ritual. It is not something that is taken lightly or without due respect. Sex is an honorable act when you engage in it with the right intentions. But, it is powerful regardless of your intentions or reasons for doing it.

The overriding purpose of a sexual relationship is to co-create. While another human life is the ultimate display of creative power, the act of sex can produce many things. Sexual intercourse always creates another force or power in spiritual or physical form.

The combined energies of two people during sex create synchronized energy greater than that of their individual power. This may be a spiritual force, such as enhanced passion, devotion, commitment, or even power, wealth, or realized desires. Or it could result in physical offspring. Therefore, sex can be used for good or evil like any other spiritual tool.

Power of Sex

Sexual intercourse creates soul ties or spiritual bonds. These are invisible energetic cords that infinitely tie two people together. This is part of the third energy dynamic created during the act of sex. Some of these bonds are stronger than others, depending on the intensity of the sexual encounter and relationship. However, all soul ties infinitely and intimately connect two people long after a sexual relationship has ended. Though, one can break these soul ties with intentional effort through various types of spiritual work.

Healthy soul ties serve to edify and uplift the individuals involved in a sexual act. When you engage in sex with the purest intentions and in a state of clean energy, you can create a beautiful force. Because you are exchanging energy with another person, you thereby increase your personal power and fortify yourself.  

However, this does not always happen. If one or both people have harmful or toxic energy attached to them, they can pass that on to each other. They can also pass along the energy of previous sexual partners to each other – this even happens during the purest sexual encounters.

This is one reason why you can sometimes unintentionally start to act like people you have been sexually intimate with, even if you don’t have a long-lasting relationship with that individual. You can even pick up some of the personality traits of other people your sexual partner has had sex with.

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Polygamy & Polyandry

Polygamy and, sometimes, polyandry is a very active and accepted part of sexual relationships in African spiritual circles. The marriage of a man to multiple women at the same time is referred to as polygamy. Polyandry is when a woman marries more than one husband. Though, polygamy is a more commonly accepted practice in many African cultures.

There are many reasons why these types of marriages exist. One of the primary purposes of polygamous relationships is to perpetuate a people group, especially when a man has more than one wife. He can effectively impregnate more than one woman at a time, speeding the population process.

However, these relationships also serve spiritual purposes. As mentioned, energy exchange occurs during the act of sex. So if an individual desires to gain or have access to more power, wealth, etc., they can quickly obtain it by engaging in sex with multiple people. Many priests and priestesses know about this dynamic, so polygamous marriages are often prevalent among African spiritual leaders. 

Sex & Sacred Rituals

Sex is often discouraged before or after certain sacred rituals. Devotees and initiates are expected to be clean and pure whenever they come before their ancestors or deities. Sex can diffuse or contaminate an individual’s energy. Therefore, sexual activity is often discouraged before engaging in spiritual offerings or high-level ceremonies. And practitioners are expected to thoroughly and adequately clean themselves before approaching altars or icons, especially if they have engaged in intercourse.

Sex Taboos

African spiritual systems often involve adhering to taboos, which are things that you agreed to do or not do before coming to earth. Taboos can also be part of spiritual contracts you make while on earth. Such taboos can include wearing a specific color, not eating certain foods, or not going out at certain times of the day. Some people even have taboos related to sex. Violating such taboos can cause you significant issues, while adhering to them can result in many blessings.

Certain people are not allowed to have sex on specific days if they have a contract with a spirit. Some women are required to marry a priest, which regulates who they can have sex with. Still, other people may be required to refrain from sex for extended periods. Several taboos exist concerning sexual dynamics in African spiritual systems. And it is important for a person to understand what sexual taboos may impact their life. In doing so, they can avoid adverse sexual behaviors that may be causing them issues.

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