Animal sacrificed for Candomble offering

Sacrifice in Ifa Religion

Sacrifice in the Ifa religion is a means of giving or offering something to gain something greater in return. Religious sacrifices of this nature usually involve offering food, objects, or the lives of animals to a divine being as an act of worship. In most African traditional religions, ritual sacrifices are encouraged to appease the … Continue reading Sacrifice in Ifa Religion

Chicken used in a religious sacrifice

Feeding the Spirits: Sacrifices, Offerings, & Ritual Work

It is often said that “nothing in the spirit realm is free”. This concept applies to the notion of feeding or appeasing spirits in traditional spiritual systems. Feeding the spirits is a very common, yet often misunderstood concept in ATR. From animal sacrifices to alcohol and fruit, many people are often confused by the work … Continue reading Feeding the Spirits: Sacrifices, Offerings, & Ritual Work