Egbe Orun in the Ifa Religion

Egbe Orun is a Yoruba term commonly translated as heavenly or spirit companions. It simply means astral mate or society of individuals that belong in heaven. According to traditional Yoruba beliefs, everyone has Egbe Orun or peers that reside in heaven.

Yoruba cosmology asserts that all humans come from heaven. At the beginning of creation, Orisha Obatala molded human heads and Olodumare (God) breathed life into the body. As a result, a pair of souls evolved from this process. As they manifest into living creatures, one soul journeys to the earth and dwells in a physical body. The other soul remains in heaven, though the two maintain an infinite connection.

Typically, the earthly soul has no memory of their heavenly peers. Conversely, the heavenly soul is keenly aware of this relationship and oftentimes desires to resume it. In which case, the heavenly peer will show up in the earthly soul’s dream state. At times, the heavenly peer causes trouble in the earthly peer’s life. This usually occurs when the person fails to remember their heavenly mates or sacred vows they made to them before leaving heaven. 

Egbe Orun Connections

Aside from their soul double, people also have other peers that form their Egbe Orun. Some people come from very powerful or highly connected astral mates. As such, their Egbe Orun play a vital role in their earthly journeys. 

Some people have very close relationships with their Egbe Orun. They may have a spiritual spouse or spiritual children. In which case, these relationships are often neglected while the individual resides on the earth. Individuals who have such bonds often unknowingly suffer because of these estranged connections.

Even so, our Egbe Orun serve very important roles in our lives. They maintain a link between us and heaven, giving us access to the astral realm during our earthly sojourn. Our Egbe Orun likewise coordinate our earthly affairs, removing obstacles and ensuring that we fulfill our destinies. They serve in much the same way as our earthly family.

Symptoms of Egbe Orun

While our astral mates are primarily benevolent energies, they can be quite disruptive when ignored. Typically, they make their presence known to us in our dream state. However, if this attempt to get our attention goes without notice, they may appear in more troublesome ways. 

Spiritual spouses often have sex with their physical counterparts when they sleep. While evil spirits can manifest in this way as well, Egbe spouses are notorious for this type of behavior. Though it may appear innocuous, such behavior can destroy relationships among earthly couples. 

In fact, spiritual spouses often block a person from getting married or maintaining successful romantic relationships. People who have spiritual husbands or wives are typically riddled with relationship problems. They may endure successive breakups or divorces, lack of intimacy, turbulent love affairs, serial adultery from one or both mates, etc. These energies characteristically cause issues in romantic affairs. 

Other common signs of these spirits manifesting in a person’s life include the following:

  • Premature death
  • Consistently losing items
  • Persistent financial problems
  • Childbearing issues or sickly children
  • Chronic health issues without a physical root
  • Inability to maintain employment
  • Inability to maintain social connections

Benefits of Egbe Orun

While these energies may appear evil because of the trouble they can cause, they are really quite beneficial to our lives. They manifest such problems when we neglect our obligations to them or break promises. Most people do this unwittingly because they are not aware of these promises. However, doing so can have ill and sometimes deadly effects.

Egbe Orun can also cause problems when they are displeased with a person’s behavior. Our Egbe is charged with helping us fulfill our destinies. As such, their goal is to keep us on track. When we get off course, we can easily neglect our soul mission. In which case, our Egbe Orun may step in by stirring up trouble to rouse us.

Appeasing Egbe Orun

But these issues can be easily remedied once a person understands this concept. People can appease their Egbe Orun through sacrifices, offerings, and fulfilling their obligations or promises. In order to know what your Egbe Orun desire or need from you, it is important to seek out divination. An Ifa priest or priestess can determine what your Egbe want from you. In which case, he or she can duly feed your Egbe or help you fulfill your promises to them.

Learn more about Egbe Orun through incantations and praise songs dedicated to them in this video.