Aje in the Ifa Religion

Seashells at the beach representing Orisha Aje

Orisha Aje is known as one of the primary goddesses of wealth and prosperity in the African traditional religion of Ifa. This deity aids in the accumulation of riches and prevents financial misfortune. She is a prominent Orisha that anybody who desires financial abundance, growth, and sustenance should possess. Ifa belief holds that anyone who duly appeases Orisha Aje or makes peace with her will never lack. 

Aje can be found in water as she owns the sea. She is often represented by cowrie shells, which were the foundation of financial trade prior to the advent of modern-day currency exchange systems. However, her pot or icon generally includes large sea shells from the coast of West Africa.

It is believed that Aje resides on the tongue in the human body. Through the use of our words, we have the power to speak life and death. This Orisha is also associated with the color white. White symbolizes purity and cleanliness, representing the foundation of Aje’s wealth. Prosperity received through this energy is pure and clean. As such, it is forever blessed.

How to Profit with Orisha Aje

Aje blesses the work of devotees in whatever legal and ethical trade they embark upon. It’s important to note that Aje supports profitable gain through hard work and integrity. She doesn’t support laziness. She primarily focuses on those involved in business or trade with financial favor.

Those who appease Aje with a rightful heart and free conscious can expect the following and more from this deity: 

  • Prominence among peers
  • Youthful appearance in older age
  • Strength and power to rule your world
  • Comfort to all who come under her shield or cover

Basic Principles of Aje (Wealth)

Anyone who has reached the age of understanding to use money can possess the element of wealth or Aje. There are no barriers to obtaining wealth when you have the wisdom to manage it properly. Thus, anyone who desires can possess this Orisha.

It can also be revealed to some people through Ifa consultation that Aje is needed for them to prosper. Business owners, traders, corporations, organizations, temples, etc., can benefit from propitiating the icon of this deity. Therefore, it may come up during an Ifa reading that a devotee should receive an Aje icon.

Whenever one receives this Orisha, they should always keep the following principles in mind:

  • Do not dabble in herbalism ignorantly. Avoid using herbs without knowing their nature, use, and divine power.
  • Do not ornately display wealth. Avoid showing off or being boastful about your possessions or financial status. 
  • Share your wealth. Don’t operate in the spirit of greed, avarice, or stinginess. 

Adhering to these principles is foundational to gaining and maintaining wealth through this deity. You should never approach this energy with a foul or evil heart. Do not expect to receive from her bounty of wealth without putting in hard work and dedication. She can and will give you financial favor if you come to her with a sincere, honest, and diligent heart.

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