African Spirituality & Repatriation

There’s a growing emphasis on African repatriation among ATR practitioners. African repatriation is the process of returning African Americans to their ancestral homeland. This process has been going on for centuries, but it has become more popular in recent years. There are many advantages to repatriation. One of the most important is that it can … Continue reading African Spirituality & Repatriation

Decolonizing from Religious Thought

Our thought patterns are colonized in many ways, though many of us don’t recognize this phenomenon. The colonial way of thinking has become so embedded in our culture that few people even realize that they hold belief systems that are counterproductive and counterintuitive to their well-being. In order to fully embrace traditional belief systems, we … Continue reading Decolonizing from Religious Thought

How Much Should You Pay for Spiritual Services?

The cost of spiritual services varies in range and scope. There are many factors considered when developing a fee structure for African and other types of spiritual work. It can be difficult to determine fair prices for this and other reasons. So, how much should pay for spiritual services? What should you expect a spiritualist … Continue reading How Much Should You Pay for Spiritual Services?

Guest Ritchy Thermidor donning a hat with the name and veve for Baron Samdi, a loa in Haitian Vodou culture.

A Journey into Haitian Vodou

In this episode, Haitian native Ritchy Thermidor discusses his journey into the tradition of his ancestors. He explains the reasons he chose to explore and embrace Haitian Vodou and how it has impacted his life. Also, Ritchy expounds upon the rewards and challenges he has faced along the way. He concludes by presenting helpful tips … Continue reading A Journey into Haitian Vodou

African girl with tribal paint on her body.

Which African Traditional Religion is Right for You?

African traditional religions are just as wide, varied, and diverse as the continent in which they were derived. While these traditions espouse foundational beliefs, each of them is respected and revered as a unique and distinct practice. They all have cultural nuisances and characteristics that attract people in various ways. As such, it is incumbent … Continue reading Which African Traditional Religion is Right for You?

Religious offering made by Candomble practitioner

Spiritual Meaning of Offerings in African Traditional Religions

Offerings serve as a gift or service to a spirit or deity in African traditional religions (ATRs). The spiritual meaning of offerings are associated with their overriding purpose. Offerings can be made in various ways from food, liquids, flowers, incense, candles, etc. Though offerings are plentiful, they are not given arbitrarily. Each spirit or deity has … Continue reading Spiritual Meaning of Offerings in African Traditional Religions

Young African male with tribal face painting and beads in front of a river

Should You Embrace African Spirituality?

Choosing to embrace an African traditional religion (ATR) can be a daunting decision for the average person. There are many things to consider and many questions to answer. In this episode, I explore the process of embracing African spirituality. I likewise examine a few questions you should ask yourself before embracing this way of life. … Continue reading Should You Embrace African Spirituality?

Collection of animal bones

Reading Bones (Osteomancy) In Traditional African Religions

Reading bones or osteomancy is the art of divination by interpreting the bones of animals and other materials. The word osteomancy comes from two Greek words: osteon, meaning "bone," and manteia, meaning "divination." Bone readings can be used as a predictive tool or simply to give clarity in specific situations. This process is often called … Continue reading Reading Bones (Osteomancy) In Traditional African Religions