Protection Charm (Isora)


This powerful protection charm (isora) can ward off spiritual and physical attacks. It blocks the attempts of your enemies to thwart or sabotage you. The isora is ideal for individuals who are often in the public eye or have dangerous or legal-intensive occupations. But it can likewise be used by the average person for protection in their day-to-day dealings. 

When you wear this amulet, your enemies have no choice but to turn away from you because it shields you from their gaze. Oftentimes, those seeking to destroy you suddenly lose the interest, desire, or ability to harm you when you engage with this powerful amulet. In other instances, you can escape dangerous or compromising situations unscathed. 

This charm is ideal for people in the following categories and more:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • High-Profile Individuals
  • Spiritual-Attack Sufferers
  • Hazardous-Job Workers
  • Public-Facing Professionals

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Additional information

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 6 × 1.5 × 48.5 cm