Ancestor Elevation Ritual


In the Ifa tradition, an ancestor elevation ritual is performed to ensure that one’s ancestors transition to a better place in the afterlife. This ritual involves making an offering to Egungun (ancestral spirits) and the Ile (the land). The Egungun offering opens communication with the Heavenly forces. The offering to the land ensures that the earth receives the ancestors and that they are able to rest peacefully in the afterlife.

Once the proper sacrifices and offerings are given, a ceremony is performed whereby people gather and eat the ritual sacrifices and offerings and commune together. This ritual blesses the ancestral spirits and allows them to elevate in the spiritual realm. As they ascend to a higher level, they help their offspring achieve elevated status in the earthly plane. Likewise, their progeny are well-received when they transition to the ancestral realm.


This ritual can be performed anytime and as often as one desires. Traditionally, it is conducted every time an individual transitions to the afterlife and at least annually for one’s entire bloodline. The frequency is ultimately up to the individual, but it is recommended to do it at least once a year to ensure that one’s ancestral lineage maintains solvency.  

*All ritual work is performed in Nigeria by a Babalawo (Ifa Priest). Clients receive video clips and/or images of the completed ritual work.

**The ceremony is typically completed within 15 business days of the order date. If more time is needed, you will be notified.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature and scope of the divination, ritual, and other spiritual services provided by Asanee 44 LLC, all sales are final. These services involve considerable time, effort, and other resources, which cannot be recuperated once initiated. As such, clients will not receive refunds for canceled or rendered services.