Who Are the Chosen Ones?

The chosen ones are a specific group of people who came to earth to change the dynamic. These individuals are sometimes referred to as the chosen, starseeds, and indigo or rainbow children, among other names. They came to bring peace, hope, enlightenment, and restoration to a broken world. While they aren’t any better than others, they are special people here on a special assignment.

Chosen ones rarely fit in, instead, they often stand out in crowds. People usually pay specific attention to the chosen whenever they are in public environments. Oftentimes, other people don’t understand why they are attracted to the chosen ones. They just know that something is different about these individuals.

Chosen ones also know and feel that they are different. They consider themselves aliens on earth. They are constantly questioning why things are as they are. Chosen ones don’t enjoy suffering or misery. They want to heal the world. Because of this desire, these individuals often suffer from bouts of depression or extreme sadness.

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Attributes of the Chosen Ones

The chosen tend to be loners. They may not have any friends or associates or they may have a very small social circle. This is because they are so different. They have a hard time relating to others who are not chosen. Likewise, individuals who are satisfied with the status quo may have a hard time relating to them.

Starseeds also tend to be very giving, kind, and loving people. They have a hard time seeing others suffer. So, sometimes their love can be expressed as righteous indignation. They are usually infuriated by greed, selfishness, cruelty, disrespect, and similar poisons that corrupt society. They often champion specific causes such as human or animal rights issues.

Desire to Heal

Starseeds want to heal the world. Because this is exactly what they were brought here to do. Sometimes they can be a bit naïve in their approach. But they are sincere nonetheless. They can be easily taken advantage of because they want to save the lost, lonely, and destitute. When corrupt people notice this trait, they often set out to use or abuse the chosen.

However, the chosen are very protected by their spiritual team. Even when others think they have gotten over on a chosen one, those individuals often suffer very swiftly for their misdeeds. Very quick to forgive and lend a helping hand, starseeds don’t allow these types of setbacks to stop them. Instead, they stay focused on their mission.  

Wounded Healers

Chosen ones are not perfect nor do they have a perfect life. On the contrary, the chosen ones tend to suffer a great deal, especially in their childhood years. They have to learn many hard lessons in life, which often come with trauma and hardships. Dysfunction, pain, hurt, disabilities, chronic health issues, extreme poverty, upheavals, loss, etc. are very normal parts of a chosen one’s early life.

These individuals experience so much pain because they need to empathize with the suffering of others. Trauma is also necessary to keep them from being satisfied with the status quo. The chosen ones generally express their spiritual gifts later in life. They likewise tend to experience higher levels of success around or after midlife.

Metamorphic Change

Starseeds must go through a process of metamorphosis. They don’t simply change like other people. Instead, they must endure every stage of development from being a caterpillar to becoming a butterfly. This includes a harsh cocoon phase in addition to the hardships they already experienced during their childhood. But usually, by the time they get to this stage they are well-equipped to handle it.

In spiritual circles, this phase is often referred to as the dark night of the soul. It is a period of deep sadness, loss, grief, confusion, and frustration. It can last from a few months to several years. And it can be extremely troubling for these individuals. But once they overcome it, they emerge with new purpose and renewed enthusiasm.

PUrpose of the Chosen

While some of these elements may be part of many people’s lives, the distinguishing factor between the chosen and others is their soul mission. The chosen are here to bring forth a Divine New World Order – A New Heaven and New Earth. They are here to change the dynamic so that the righteous may reign and rule supreme. They are superheroes of sorts because their job is to rid the world of evil and malice.

The chosen know that they are chosen. No one has to tell them this, though sometimes they can lose their way especially in trying or difficult times. They may question or neglect their purpose when things get tough. But the Universe always reminds them of who they are and why they were brought here. 

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