What to Expect During a Spiritual Awakening Journey

Spiritual Awakening Journey

A spiritual awakening journey is a very unique and individual experience. No two people will undergo the exact same process as their spiritual essence awakens within them. However, there are foundational principles that are inherent in almost every spiritual awakening journey.

The core of a spiritual awakening journey is to gain the knowledge and wisdom that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. This knowledge is necessary for many of us because we have become more accustomed to caring for our physical needs than our spiritual needs. There are many reasons why this shift has occurred, but primary among them are religion, material needs, and social conditioning.

For these reasons and many others, our spirit guides come to awaken us at a particular time during our earthly sojourn. This is often referred to as a spiritual awakening journey. It can happen anytime or during any season of our lives, but it is particularly common around middle age. Even more, there appears to be a global spiritual awakening that has been occurring for several years now. This process impacts people of all ages across every religious, racial, ethnic, sex, gender, economic, and educational group.

What to Expect During A Spiritual Awakening Journey

A spiritual awakening journey is difficult to define effectively because it is different for everyone, and it can mimic other things such as disease states or illnesses. Therefore, you need to be very mindful to pay attention to the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing when you embark upon such a journey.

It is best to take proper care of yourself as you undergo this process, as it can be strenuous and can have a detrimental impact on your health in some instances. Health issues generally occur when you don’t submit to the natural flow of the process or when you don’t care for yourself properly.

Shift in Reality

In general, you can expect to be thrust out of your current state of reality as you experience a series of phenomenal and amazing spiritual encounters. But keep in mind that this process is not wholeheartedly blissful. In fact, you are likely to experience more adverse signs and symptoms at some point during your journey than beneficial ones.

For instance, you may start losing close friendships and connections, your job, your home, or other things of value to you. Your religious or spiritual beliefs will most likely change, which will possibly cause you a great deal of confusion and frustration.


You will also have to unlearn many things that you once thought were true while simultaneously learning new concepts that may be contrary to your former belief systems. All of these things can take a major toll on your life. But don’t fret because they serve a vital and beneficial role, which is to ultimately awaken you to fulfilling your destiny.

Signs and Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening Journey

You may experience many signs and symptoms as you go through this process. As I mentioned, many of them may not feel so great at first. Keep in mind that a spiritual awakening process is a form of rebirth. It is a process very much akin to labor and delivery in the physical birthing process. As a baby prepares to come through the womb, it faces darkness, distress, and uncertainty.

In fact, when a child emerges into the world, she cries before she smiles and laughs during later phases of development. And while the majority of her infancy is typically filled with joy and wonderment, she will endure many growing pains as she cuts her first teeth, bumps into things, and falls as she learns to walk, etc.


Even as adults, we endure similar growing pains as we are rebirthed through the spiritual awakening process. Confusion and frustration are probably the first signs involved in this process. Typically, during a spiritual awakening process, you learn that your religious beliefs are based on myths, legends, lies, and other misconceptions. This can leave you with so many questions about the meaning of life.


Consequently, you may feel disconnected, isolated, lonely, sad, or depressed. These emotions are generally more pronounced when you have to endure this journey alone. Even more, you may experience these feelings if your loved ones attempt to stunt your spiritual growth by trying to cull you back into your old belief systems. It is also common to experience a state of prolonged sadness or depression resulting from mourning your old beliefs, spiritual knowledge, and/or way of being.

Spiritual Growth

As you shed your old belief systems and practices, many of your habits are likely to change as well. You may start eating healthier, which can result in beneficial body changes. This can cause constipation, diarrhea, weight gain, weight loss, etc., at first. However, over time you will start to experience better health as you maintain better eating habits.

Along with your eating habits, your interests generally change during a spiritual awakening process. Your thought patterns, speech, and actions start to align with the knowledge that you gain through the spiritual awakening process. As a result, many of your other habits and even the people, places, things, and ideas you align yourself with will also change.


Your life won’t be perfect before, during, or after a spiritual awakening journey. However, you will begin experiencing more peace, joy, and bliss after you endure the initial phases of the process. You will have a heightened sense of intuition and more developed spiritual sensitivities. You will even be able to commune with spirits more efficiently and effectively. Also, you may emerge from this experience with some spiritual superpowers like the ability to heal or perform other miraculous feats.

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