Venus Retrograde in Leo Astrology | July 30, 2023

Venus retrograde July 2023

From Jul 22 – Sep 3, 2023, Venus will retrograde at 28 degrees of Leo. This energy will impact those with planets or aspects between 22-32 degrees of Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius the most. So check your natal chart and prepare for the impact of this Venus retrograde in July 2023 if this applies to you.

This retrograde is packed with energy as four planetary transits will occur within two days of this movement. Jupiter in Taurus will be semi-square with Neptune in Pisces, and the Sun will enter Leo on the same day. The next day Pluto in Capricorn will square True Node in Aries, and Chiron will retrograde in Aries. 

Semi-square activity is typically mild and off-putting for a day a two. Depending on the position of these planets and signs, you may not feel much from this movement. But generally, when planets are squaring off, it’s best to lay low. And with this movement occurring in the most material and spiritual aspects of the astrological chart, there may be minor conflicts in these areas. 

But, when planets fully square, we usually feel the impact, depending on where the energy hits. And this activity will be pretty intense. You can read more about it in my new moon astrology report for July 2023. As far as the Chiron retrograde is concerned, we will all feel more sluggish and a bit debilitated during this time. But more on that in a different post. 


Venus retrograde is never a great time to over-indulge in the material aspects of life. Instead, it’s best to plan, save, and strategize during this period. And with this activity occurring in Leo, those impacted the most will have good reason to review their budgets. Leo rules our house of family, fun, and pleasure. When Venus loosens the reigns of her sweet charms upon Leo, the energy can get pretty intense. 

In this case, your focus may be on areas in which you have over-indulged in the past couple of months or so. Typically when Venus retrogrades, things don’t seem as pretty, sparkly, or shiny to us. Instead, our surroundings may appear dull or lackluster. This gives us the chance to focus on what’s truly important. When you aren’t as attracted to material possessions, you tend to spend less on them. And this can be a good thing if you tend to over-indulge in luxury items, food, etc.

As such, you might feel lazy, apathetic, or apprehensive when it comes to spending during this time. The same may also apply to your love life and family sector. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t feel like living it up with your significant other during Venus’ retrograde.


I will say this a million times, Venus retrograde periods are the perfect time to review your budget. Use this energy to understand your financial situation better. If your job or business is filling your wallet as it should, figure out ways to expand and grow. If not, come up with a plan of action for achieving the success you desire. This is a great time to improve your financial literacy or tackle poor money management skills. Though, it’s not the best time to start new financial ventures.


In general, when Venus retrogrades, it’s not the ideal time to start a new relationship. Likewise, it’s not the best time to get married, move in with your mate, or otherwise begin anything anew in your romantic life. Instead, the best thing you can do for your love life is to spend as much quality time alone as possible over the next few weeks.

If you are single, use this period to work with your vision board or otherwise meditate on your ideal mate. Or seek to understand critical mistakes you made in past relationships. If you are married, spend some time reviewing your relationship dynamics with your mate. This could be an ideal time to go to couples therapy or on a couples retreat. Try to dig deep into your connection while doing soul searching work.   

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Chances are your family will be your focus during this month. But instead of enjoying a summer vacation, you may find yourself spending more money on necessities. A health issue with your children or spouse could pop up that requires more cash than you anticipated. Or your mate may express that they have been feeling neglected. Conversely, an urgent issue may spring up, necessitating that you care for some aspect of your family. Either way, Venus may show you areas where your family dynamics are out of balance or need more attention.


Venus retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that occurs about every 18 months. It is believed that during this period, Venus influences our lives and relationships in ways we may not understand or be aware of at the time. During this period, it’s important to focus on emotional healing and personal growth. This can be done through activities such as journaling, meditating, or spending time in nature. By taking time to reflect and heal, we can use this period to positively impact our lives.

During Venus retrograde, individuals may experience shifts in their romantic relationships or encounter challenges related to self-worth and personal expression. It is essential to understand how this planetary movement can influence different zodiac signs. For instance, those born under Leo may feel particularly affected by Venus retrograde due to their natural inclination toward passion and creativity when she visits this sign.

In conclusion, let us seize the opportunity presented by Venus Retrograde in Leo to enhance not only our love lives but also our personal journeys toward self-fulfillment. Embrace the transformative power that lies within this celestial event. And allow it to guide you towards greater happiness, authenticity, and connection both within yourself and others.

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