Uranus Retrograde in Taurus Astrology | August 28, 2023

Uranus retrograde August 2023

From Aug 28, 2023 – Jan 27, 2024, Uranus will retrograde at 23 degrees of Taurus. In general, Uranus retrograde periods are laid back and less chaotic than when this planet is in direct motion. It allows us to review any changes we have made or are planning to make. So prepare to settle in and chill a bit during Uranus retrograde in August 2023.

During this period, Uranus will touch our financial, relationship, and health sectors as he relaxes his revolutionary reign in Taurus. Likewise, Taurus impacts our sense of stability and our values. So many will reevaluate their value systems based on disruptions they may have experienced in their finances or health over the last seven months or so.

Balance and Harmony

Since Mars will enter Libra the day before, we will also heavily focus on balancing out dynamics caused by major shifts in these areas. Mars is action-packed energy, which means we will be actively sorting things out. So, you may encounter a few more shifts, but they won’t be as chaotic as when Uranus’ flow is direct.

Uranus governs the collective, so the major transitions we have experienced have impacted the masses. Uranus has been in Taurus since 2019 and is set to stay until 2026. Since that point, he has been on a mission to revolutionize our material existence.

Such shifts have been beneficial for many as they are designed to bring balance in our financial, romantic, and health sectors. They will give us a chance to experience greater stability and security in these areas. Though it may not feel like it since things have been shaken up quite a bit over the past few years.  


Some of the primary changes we have experienced since 2019 involved cryptocurrency, COVID-19, racial tension, AI, and social media. Each of these dynamics has revolutionized the financial world in some way. They have made some people wealthy while they have bankrupted others. But each of them has played a role in shifting economic power and control on a global scale.

In particular, since Uranus has been direct over the last few months, AI has been in the spotlight. And this is very much connected to Uranus’ energy since the planet rules technology. As such, we will most likely reflect on how AI and similar technologies can and will influence our world moving forward during this retrograde. In particular, we will decipher the financial implications of these dynamics.

We have also experienced a number of fluctuations in the stock market over the last two quarters. It has been unfavorable for the global economy for the past few years. But, it has been particularly disruptive on the housing market in comparison to other industries. With Uranus relaxing a bit, chances are this downward trend will cease or at least slow down. 


Again, Uranus governs the collective, so relationship dynamics that have collective or global aspects will be the focus during this time. So, this retrograde may impact you whether you formed a business, platonic, or romantic alliance with someone since late January 2023. Specifically, relationships connected to technology will be greatly emphasized. So, if you met a business partner or mate online, you are likely to settle into the relationship or take it to the next level throughout this period. 

If you have never met this individual in person, chances are you will during this retrograde period. If you have formed a joint business venture, you may begin to see the fruits of your labor pay off handsomely over the next five months or so. Or if you met a romantic partner, you may decide to get engaged, married, or start a family. The theme will be about settling into relationships with collective qualities.


Uranus’ transit through Taurus has already impacted our health on a global scale. COVID-19 has brought major shifts in virtually every aspect of life. As mentioned, the erratic nature of Uranus in Taurus can disrupt the equilibrium of our collective physical and mental well-being. However, the brunt of the shake-up is over.

So as Uranus settles down in Taurus, we will have more time to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 and other health shake-ups we have experienced since Uranus entered this sign.  This retrograde will bring about a heightened sense of awareness regarding the need for change in our health habits.

During this cycle, there will be greater emphasis on health-related matters. Many will pay more attention to any imbalances or signs of discomfort that impact their well-being. They will likewise take proactive steps toward taking care of these issues. In doing so, they will purge unhealthy patterns or habits that have influenced their physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual well-being.


Uranus retrograde in August 2023 is a cosmic shift that will occur when the planet Uranus moves backward through the sign of Taurus. It is an important astrological event that can have profound effects on a collective scale. During this time, it is believed that our world will experience a period of transformation and growth spurned by disruption. This can manifest itself in different ways, from physical changes to emotional shifts.