Tour of an Ifa Temple in Oyo, Nigeria

Have you ever wondered what the inside of an Ifa temple looks like? Did you imagine a pristine building with traditional architecture? Or did you think about a space lined with prayer mats, beads, and other spiritual paraphernalia? Well, an Ifa temple and Orisa icons often look quite different than the average person imagines.

Ifa temples are a source of great mystery and fascination. They are places of spiritual power where believers can seek guidance from the Orisas. Stepping inside an Ifa temple is like entering a different world – one filled with sacred symbols, powerful energies, and life force offerings. A tour of an Ifa Temple in Nigeria is a unique spiritual experience. Ideally, you would visit such a temple in person to capture the entire essence of such an experience. Unfortunately, this option is not available to many in the diaspora. So, we created this short video so that you can get more insight into this spiritual practice.

In this brief Ifa temple tour, Babalawo Ifakunle explores some of the more common Orisa icons in his family temple. There are many temples throughout Yorubaland, Nigeria, and other places where people practice the Ifa tradition. Keep in mind that temples vary from region to region and from house to house. This video is meant to give you a brief glimpse into where and how sacrifices are made to Orisa pots in a small family temple dedicated to the Ifa tradition.

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