The Healing Power of the Tarot

The word tarot comes from French words meaning “to throw” or “to shuffle”, which is what you do when you use them to read your fortune. Cartomancy practices using the tarot have been around since before the 14th century, yet they have become increasingly popular in recent years. The tarot is a deck of usually 78 cards used for divination.

People often better understand themselves when working with the tarot. It helps individuals find the answers they seek in life. The tarot is a powerful tool for healing, restoration, and renewal. Many people believe that tarot card readings provide insight into the past, present, and future of an individual. 

Tarot cards are used to counsel people with a variety of problems. They help people answer life’s hardest questions. These cards provide you with a different perspective and help you see what is hidden in plain sight. They can be a source of great healing when used properly. Given enough time, tarot readings can provide you with clarity and insight into your personal situation.

African oracle card deck


The tarot is a tool of empowerment similar to other forms of therapy, counseling, and coaching. Some people use the tarot for daily inspiration and wisdom, while others use tarot readings for guidance and advice. Tarot readers typically use the cards to help people make decisions in their lives, discover what they need to do, or find meaning in life.


Pulling a single card every day can change your perspective for the better. By opening yourself up to new possibilities, you can keep your days exciting and interesting. With daily guidance, you will be able to set achievable goals and create a solid foundation for your future. If you’re struggling with how to stay positive in today’s world, consider pulling a single card every day. Doing so may lighten your load.

Likewise, you can do a full self-reading that can capture the full scope of information you are seeking about a problem or situation you are facing. I find it useful to record my full readings, similar to the way I do for my clients. That way, I can come back to it later when I need to hear the full message or if I need guidance or inspiration. This technique may be useful for you if you engage in self-divination. Check our my tarot and oracle toolbox to find some excellent decks for this purpose.


A full tarot reading performed by a diviner can give you the insight you need to change your life. The insight gained from a full tarot reading can help you live a happier, more fulfilling life. It can provide a complete synopsis of your life and help you understand your current situation, answer questions, predict the future, and more. With the proper guidance, a reader can help you break harmful habits, make healthier decisions, and design an actionable plan for success.

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