Tarot & Oracle Readings

Tarot is one of the most popular forms of cartomancy, which is a divination system that involves the use of cards. Tarot readers often use a combination of tarot and oracle cards as part of their divination toolkit. Spiritualists who use tarot and oracle cards are typically referred to as tarot readers or simply readers. These divinely-inspired oracles are capable of eliciting messages from Spirit for the benefit of others.

While tarot and oracle cards are powerful divination tools, the real power of cartomancy is in a reader’s intuitive gifting. Skilled tarot readers are able to hear from Spirit and relay Divine messages in an easily understandable way to their clients. The cards simply serve as a messaging apparatus similar to other divination tools. This is why tarot and oracle card readers can use a variety of card decks and different techniques and still present accurate messages.

The ultimate goal of tarot and oracle card readings is to relay vital messages from the spirit realm. This practice is not all about fortune-telling and seeing the future. It is more about helping people find answers and Divine guidance in their time of need. It is a sacred practice that involves channeling messages from Spirit.

While you may ask one question during a tarot reading, Spirit will often provide you with more detail than you expect. For instance, you may want to know if your business is going to prosper. Instead of a resolute “yes” or “no” answer, Spirit will often provide you with the steps you need to achieve success in your business. Because in most instances, answers are not as simple as “yes” or “no”.

Your business may have all the potential it needs to be successful, however, you may not be foundationally grounded to execute a successful business endeavor. In which case, Spirit may beckon you to put in more work, gain more skills, change your mindset, or do other things to properly align yourself for business success. This is why I often discourage clients from asking single-answer questions during a tarot reading. Instead of asking “will I achieve a specific outcome?”, it is best to ask “what do I need to know or do to achieve my desired outcome?”

Tarot Divination

The use of tarot is said to have originated in ancient Egypt. While ancient Egyptians may or may not have used tarot cards to divine, the system in which tarot derived came from the ancient Egyptian school of mysticism. The tarot deck basically represents the varied experiences that each human will have throughout the course of life. From finding your soul mate to enduring heartbreak, the tarot is a divine system that helps guide you through life’s journey.

While tarot readings may not provide “medicine” in the same way as divination in traditional spiritual systems, they can provide you with resolute wisdom and sound guidance. Tarot can point you in the right direction so that you can achieve beneficial results. It can also show you how your spiritual team is supporting your journey. Tarot is generally recommended for finding guidance for common everyday life concerns.

Oracle Divination

Oracle cards, on the other hand, are quite varied in their scope and meaning. Messages from oracle decks are channeled by the creator of the deck and interpreted by the reader. Therefore, they relay a wide variety of messages about various aspects of life. They are sometimes used to confirm or flesh out a spiritual message during a reading.

Oracle decks are often used in combination with tarot cards in readings. However, they can be used as stand-alone tools. The decision to use either divination tool is primarily up to the reader. However, clients can also request the use of specific types of cards during divination services if the reader offers this option. Either way, both types of cards are effective divination tools.

Divination Services

Asanee Coaching Services (ACS) currently offers the following types of tarot reading services: