Lenglensou: Spirit of Vengeance in Haitian Vodou

Lenglensou is a well-known and dangerous guard spirit within the Haitian Vodou pantheon. Though this loa is widely revered in Haiti, his character and manifestation are not as well known in the Western world. He is believed to be the ultimate judge of justice, punishing those who have wronged others. This loa is not to … Continue reading Lenglensou: Spirit of Vengeance in Haitian Vodou

Haitian Vodou Divination

Haitian Vodou Divination: What to Expect During a Reading

Haitian Vodou divination is used to gain insight into the spiritual world. And it helps one understand the hidden messages of life. These readings are performed by a trained Vodou priest or priestess who interprets symbols, signs, and energies from the spiritual realm. Through these readings, people can gain clarity on their current situation. Also, … Continue reading Haitian Vodou Divination: What to Expect During a Reading

What is a Vodou Vèvè?

A vèvè or symbol is used to represent a loa (spirit) in Haiti and other African diaspora traditions. However, this type of symbology is by no means unique to Africa or the African diaspora. Though Haitian Vodou vèvès are probably among the widest known among all traditional spiritual practices. But today, not many people know … Continue reading What is a Vodou Vèvè?

Debunking Myths About Vodou

Many myths surround Vodou and other African spiritual systems practiced throughout the world. These traditions are often relegated to the status of black magic and demonized in senseless and detrimental ways. In this episode, Ritchy Thermidor and I discuss the origin and essence of such myths. We likewise shed truth on the reality of these … Continue reading Debunking Myths About Vodou

Open book with healing herbs, lavender flowers, candles, potion bottles and magic objects

8 Essential Herbs for Prosperity Rituals

As a spiritual traditionalist, ritual work is at the core of my spiritual practice. I love using elements of nature in ritual work. Herbs, in particular, have traditionally been used in spiritual practices across the globe. Spirits and deities commonly ask for these blessed ingredients in offerings during ceremonies. And specific herbs should be used … Continue reading 8 Essential Herbs for Prosperity Rituals

African handcraft dark wood carved people figures

Hierarchy of African Spirits

The spirits venerated in African Traditional Religions are enumerable. They range in scope and practice from system to system. And, they are just as organized and complex as human-derived structures. In this episode, you will learn about the many and varied tiers of African spirits worshipped throughout the diaspora. So, join me in this episode … Continue reading Hierarchy of African Spirits

African children with painted faces

Restoring African Spiritual Systems in the Diaspora

What does restoring African spiritual systems mean? The knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding inherent in African traditional religions (ATRs) as many components and moving parts. The knowledge of African people groups has been spread throughout the world prior to, during, and after colonization and slavery. Likewise, has critical information about our spiritual systems. While much of … Continue reading Restoring African Spiritual Systems in the Diaspora

Candles at an altar

What is Voodoo?

While African spirituality is growing in popularity, many African-derived spiritual systems are still seen as taboo. In fact, all African spiritual systems have been ostracized at some level throughout the course of history. This has primarily been due to spiritual or religious superiority that has been perpetuated through slavery and colonization.  Resultantly, many people view … Continue reading What is Voodoo?