Traditional African masks at a stall in the market

Connecting with African Deities

When newcomers begin to embrace African spirituality they often desire to start with African deities from the door. They usually overlook important spirits like their ancestors and Ori at the beginning of their journey. Like other energies discussed in previous episodes, the Orishas, Lwas, Vodun, etc. are vital components of your spiritual team. However, one … Continue reading Connecting with African Deities

African handcraft dark wood carved people figures

Hierarchy of African Spirits

The spirits venerated in African Traditional Religions are enumerable. They range in scope and practice from system to system. And, they are just as organized and complex as human-derived structures. In this episode, you will learn about the many and varied tiers of African spirits worshipped throughout the diaspora. So, join me in this episode … Continue reading Hierarchy of African Spirits

Candles at an altar

What is Voodoo?

While African spirituality is growing in popularity, many African-derived spiritual systems are still seen as taboo. In fact, all African spiritual systems have been ostracized at some level throughout the course of history. This has primarily been due to spiritual or religious superiority that has been perpetuated through slavery and colonization.  Resultantly, many people view … Continue reading What is Voodoo?

Candle and other spiritual materials

Why I Practice Haitian Vodou

The most important aspect of my spiritual journey began in 2016. During that time, I completely left Christianity and began my search for the Truth. That search has led me to where I am today as an Ifa devotee and Haitian Vodou practitioner. I know, right? What an intriguing duo! I was probably much like … Continue reading Why I Practice Haitian Vodou