Ezili Freda’s Veve

Erzulie Freda is part of the Erzulie family of loa in Haitian Vodou. These are a group of spirits associated with femininity. Sometimes referred to as Erzulie Freda Dahomey, this beloved and well-known spirit is the loa of love and luxury in Haitian Vodou. Her qualities include romantic love, health, passion, beauty, vanity, elegance, opulence, … Continue reading Ezili Freda’s Veve

Erzulie Freda: The Loa of Prosperity

Ezili Freda is one of the most popular loas venerated in the Haitian Vodou pantheon. This deity is known for bestowing wealth, love, and all of life’s pleasures upon her devotees. Contrarily there are a number of myths surrounding the nature of this deity that can be disturbing to some. In this episode, we discuss … Continue reading Erzulie Freda: The Loa of Prosperity