Baron Samdi’s Veve

Baron Samdi or Baron Saturday is probably one of the most well-known and favored loa in Haiti and throughout the world. This beloved spirit is the gatekeeper of the dead and leader of the Gede family of loa. Baron is often confused with Papa Legba because of his gatekeep role, but these are not the … Continue reading Baron Samdi’s Veve

Baron Samdi: Gatekeeper of the Ancestors

Baron Samdi is often a misunderstood and misrepresented loa within the Haitian Vodou tradition. He is sometimes confused with other prominent loa and likewise connected to death in a negative way. However, Baron Samdi is revered in Haitian culture because of his position as gatekeeper of the ancestral realm. In this episode, we discuss this … Continue reading Baron Samdi: Gatekeeper of the Ancestors