Tackling the Nuisances of Social Media as an Entrepreneur | Wisdom Live Talk

social media

In this live Wisdom talk, I discussed current and upcoming trends in social media and how entrepreneurs can pivot to take advantage of them as outlined below:

Social Media in Business

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to have a sound social media strategy. The dynamics of social content are changing every day as society shifts. As such, you should focus on incorporating elements that resonate with the masses. Over the next decade, audio content will dominate. Though written content will still be essential for connecting with diverse audiences. Here are a few trends you should focus on as we embrace a shifting social world. 

Audio Content

  • Over 70% of Americans spend on average of 145 minutes on social media a day
  • TikTok use is exponentially increasing, especially among Gen Z
  • Short form video content is expected take up about 82% of the market share by year’s end
  • Growing engagement with audio-only content (podcasts) and live audio apps are making waves
  • Less organic growth on social media apps, emphasis on paid adverts
  • Consumers are seeking authentic emotional connections with brands
  • Social media will be the primary connection for customer service


  • Blogging is second only to video content, almost 90% of markets use blogs in their content strategy
  • Blogging is still a major social media trend with more than 50% of fortune 500 companies
  • Blog content of over 2000 words is the standard for SEO development 
  • Personal direct headliners with numbers get more attention on blogs
  • Blog posts with at least one list drives more traffic
  • 70% of consumers prefer blog posts to ads
  • Blogging can boost website traffic by more than 55% and ranking by more than 434%
  • The use of original graphics is becoming more popular

You can listen to the audio recording here. Also, be sure to download the Wisdom app so you can join me for live talks where you can interact with me in real time.