Success Doesn’t Come Overnight

We live in a world of instant gratification. Many people feel everything should come in a convenient, easy-to-open package. Few people are willing to wait to realize their dreams in modern times. If something doesn’t work out at the speed of lightning, they quickly move to the next thing.

I have often experienced this phenomenon with my business coaching clients. They are usually anxious to set up a YouTube channel, blog, website, or online store. As soon as the idea pops into their head, they set up an account and begin recording videos, writing, or setting up their store. Voilà, they are done!

And, a month or so later, they start wondering why they haven’t gotten any views or made any sales. They may try a few commonly known business tactics, but they still don’t make any real traction. Most end up throwing in the towel after about six months to a year. And this is the standard as about 70% of all small businesses fail within the first five years.

Success Doesn’t Come Overnight

This is a testament to the adage that success doesn’t come overnight. Sadly, more small businesses don’t make it than those that do. While this phenomenon isn’t new, I think today’s statistics are heavily dependent on our society’s hasty and rushed nature. Many people want instant success. They see other people in the social media spotlight or young billionaire tycoons and assume that they made it in little to no time.

And this simply isn’t true for the average person. Many social media influencers, tycoons, and other successful entrepreneurs worked long and hard to get to where they are. They usually spend insurmountable time and money honing their craft. And years building their brand. Few of us can expect to do less and get the same results.


Instead, patience is an absolute necessity for achieving success. We must conceive, nurture, build, and grow whatever it is we wish to accomplish. While my emphasis is on business in this post, this concept is relevant to any life endeavor. Whether you are trying to start your career, improve your finances, etc., you must keep in mind that success is a process. It requires time and patience.

Positive Attitude

You must also trust the process. Keeping a positive attitude works wonders for accelerating and maintaining success. That being said, it is still not the key to instant success. But it can definitely help you stay focused as you realize your dreams.

Hard Work

Nothing beats hard work. Regardless of how patient or positive you are, you still have to put in the work. You can’t expect your dreams to materialize if you don’t do anything to help them progress. This may look like working 6-8 hours a day on your business when you don’t have any customers. Or, it could mean constantly finding ways to improve your products or services for ultimate customer satisfaction. Either way, you need to do the work.

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