Spring Equinox 2023: Rituals for Welcoming New Life

spring equinox 2023

On March 20, 2023, the Northern Hemisphere will welcome the Spring Equinox, which marks the season of newness. In fact, this time of year was historically celebrated as the New Year in ancient times, as it still is among awakened beings. This is when the new year truly begins, as displayed by nature’s ingenious rejuvenation of herself. 

You see, this time period marks an equilibrium between night and daytime hours. It is one of only two seasons where there is typically the same amount of daytime and nighttime. By the end of the winter season, the sun’s visibility has stretched to the point where it is almost equal to the moon’s nighttime reign. Once we reach the Spring Equinox, these paradoxical energies become equal – leveling out the playing field. 

Thereafter, the Earth enjoys longer hours of sunlight and warmer weather through the spring and summer months. But beyond the interplay between solar and lunar energies, the increased sunlight provides a palate or springboard for new life to develop and grow. Along with more sunlight, we encounter the return of certain plant and animal life. And we likewise enjoy renewed energy and vigor during this season.

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Spring Equinox Rituals

As life starts again in both literal and metaphorical ways, it is time for us to pay homage to mother nature for the gifts of life. Doing so puts us in alignment with her ebb and flow, allowing us to experience the abundance of her bounty. As such, it is the perfect time to engage in magical manifestation rituals.  

In the Haitian tradition, we believe in starting all major ritual work with a spiritual bath. This provides a clean foundation for us to encounter Spirit on a higher level. So, I always suggest that you begin your spring equinox rituals with a cleansing spiritual bath

When doing so, it’s best to use ingredients that invite the energy of clearing, cleansing, and purification. Likewise, it is a great time to add ingredients that welcome the energy of abundance and growth. So be sure to start with a spiritual bath before doing other ritual work for this equinox phase.

Floor Wash Ritual

Spiritual or ritual floor washes are instrumental in clearing a space of bad vibes and inviting blessings. This process is akin to mopping, but it is done with intention and specific ingredients to bring about desired results. Note that it should only be performed on floors that can tolerate water. A modified version of this can be done on carpeted floors by using dry or powdered ingredients.

First, start by sweeping the floor, ridding it of large debris and general dirt. Next, prepare your floor wash solution in a mop or similar bucket. This can be done by adding clean, warm water and ingredients to it. For the spring equinox, it’s best to add clearing ingredients like lemon, citronella, orange, etc., that coincide with the spring season. You can use fresh or dried herbs or essential oils in your mixture. Likewise, you can buy pre-made floor wash blends.

Once you have all the ingredients together, you can start washing your floor. Traditionally, it is believed to be auspicious to cleanse a room by washing the floor in a clockwise direction. Doing so is said to bring good luck. But if you are trying to rid a space of bad energy, it is best to wash in a counter-clockwise direction. You can use both techniques for optimal results. But start with the counter-clockwise direction first to remove the negative energies. Once finished, discard the water in the yard, preferably in the east direction.  

Smudging Ritual

Smudging is a process of cleansing and purification by using smoke from a bundle of plants or incense. It is a practice that has been around for centuries and has been performed by many cultures around the world. Smudging involves burning dried herbs, such as sage or cedar, while passing the smoke over an individual’s body or environment – typically starting at the head or top and moving downward. Usually, an individual’s hands or feathers are used to guide the smoke in a specific direction.

Smudging is often done to cleanse negative energy and promote purity and good intentions. It can be used as part of a ritual before prayer or meditation, before any ceremony or event, or as a stand-alone process. And it is often done at the beginning of a season as a method of clearing dead, stagnant energy.

Smudging is the perfect way to prepare your body, home, office, or another environment for the spring season. You can engage in a smudging ritual on the day of the spring equinox or within three days of this event to get the most out of your ritual. It’s usually advisable to use a clearing herb like sage to smudge with first. Thereafter, you can use a different herb or natural element to invite positive flow into your environment. 

Planting Intention Rituals

The spring equinox is the ideal time to plant with intention. You can sow seeds or sprouted plants, herbs, trees, etc., during the spring equinox. But keep in mind that your goal is to set intentions during the process. So, start by choosing your intentions and selecting a plant that coincides with your intentions. For example, if you want to sow peace, harmony, and relaxation for the upcoming season, lavender or other calming herbs are typically useful for this purpose.

Then, determine if you want to sow seeds or sprouted plants. Sowing seeds of any kind indicates newness or a restart. While grounding sprouted plants, herbs, or trees is indicative of growth or development. In essence, you are also setting your intentions based on the stage of the plant’s lifecycle.      

Next, determine where you wish to sow your plants. Finally, begin the planting process and state your intentions before planting. As you sow the plant, continue to meditate on your intentions. Thereafter, care for the plant and your intentions as you begin to see both of them sprout or grow in intensity.

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Astrology of Spring Season 2023

The 2023 spring equinox season will be very supportive of personal growth related to self-identity and leadership. The sun and moon will both enter the sign on March 20th and 21st, respectively. Because both of these energies will be at 0 degrees of this sign, we can expect new starts in how we think about or see ourselves. 

Since action-oriented Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, we will be fired up about changing or interacting with certain aspects of our identity. And this can be in many regards. We will surely take a critical look at how our self-beliefs were formed during childhood with Ceres retrograding in Virgo on March 22. 

This asteroid will shine a spotlight on our work ethic, health, and how we serve others. If you are out of balance in either of these areas, Mother Ceres will show you where you lacked nurturing in your childhood. This is especially the case for those who had workaholic or emotionally or physically unavailable mothers who were out of balance in either of these areas.

The next day, Pluto will enter Aquarius adding to the mystique of this period. This energy may have you digging into your akashic records trying to understand your quirky behavioral patterns. 

It will also provide the right platform to help you transform through innovative ideas that take you off the beaten path. It will give you the opportunity to reshape your ideas about the mother’s role in society. And it could forever change how you show up as a mother, in a maternal relationship, or as a conduit for maternal energy.  

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