Saturn Retrograde in Pisces | June 2023

Saturn Retrograde 2023

From Jun 17, 2023, through Nov 4, 2023, Saturn will retrograde at 7 degrees of Pisces. This energy will mostly impact those with planets or positions between 2-12 degrees of Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius in their natal chart. So get ready to feel the impact of this movement if this applies to you.

Saturn and Pisces will have a long-standing connection for the next 2.5 years or so. This trend started on Mar 7, 2023, and is set to stay until Feb 2026. This means that we will all be impacted by it to varying degrees. Though this retrograde motion will touch a select few. Either way, we can expect to be in our feelings as Saturn wakes us up to new realities.

Overcoming Limitations

When in direct motion, Saturn creates limitations and restrictions in our lives to force us to be disciplined. However, whenever this planet relaxes, we are able to achieve our goals in a more efficient manner. In this instance, Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces will allow us to achieve our goals through faith and belief. Pisces governs the spiritual realm, particularly the dream world and alternative realities. When Saturn relinquishes his restrictive hold in this sign, we can expect to manifest our desires through spiritual work.

So, if you are inclined to work with manifestation activities like meditation, visualization, etc., this will be the perfect season for doing so. You may find it much easier to connect with the spiritual realm. And you will quickly attract your desires. Things you have wanted for year may appear out of nowhere like magic.

This is also a great time to engage in love or money rituals, as the energy will be very favorable to those most impacted by this retrograde. Because when Saturn goes direct in Pisces, it will be time to put in the hard work to hold on to your dreams. You will most likely have to face any fears or insecurities like imposter syndrome you have had about achieving your goals. The right ritual work can keep you balanced in this area.

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Spiritual Ascension

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac representing ultimate growth and development, especially as it pertains to spirituality. But Pisces is less about finding meaning and more about ascension. This sign helps us get in touch with our intuitive, creative, and imaginative abilities. It helps us go beyond the cares of the material plane and reach unimaginable spiritual heights. And in many instances, Pisces can forget about its physical needs when it gets caught up in the astral world.

However, Pisces is also dreamy, moody, and empathetic to a fault. Pisces can also easily get mingled in escapism behaviors. Therefore, we will critically examine the things that have us caught up in the clouds during this time. And responsible Saturn will teach us how to stabilize these behaviors during its retrograde in 2023. And once Saturn goes direct in Nov, we will be more determined than ever to push past anything that has been holding us back.


Saturn retrograde in Pisces is a powerful astrological event that can bring about emotional and spiritual growth. As Saturn moves through Pisces, we are able to explore our innermost feelings and gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our lives. We may also be presented with opportunities for growth that we would not have been able to access otherwise. Likewise, we can gain valuable insights and use this knowledge to create positive change for ourselves and others.

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