Saturn in Pisces 2023 – 2026: The Meaning of this Transit

On March 7, 2023, Saturn will transit the sign of Pisces through February 13, 2026. Saturn normally tours a sign for about two and a half years, leaving a mighty mark in the areas of discipline and diligence. During its stay in Pisces, we will learn many lessons about spirituality, self-sacrifice, emotional well-being, and empathy, among other things. This energy will be most impactful to individuals with major planets and positions, such as the sun, moon, ascendant, etc., in the sign of Pisces.  

Saturn is the planet concerned with discipline and being task-oriented. He requires us to focus and stay on track to avoid hard-learned lessons that usually result in problems. Saturn is most notable for keeping law and order. This planet places limitations or restrictions on us, usually in the form of obstacles, setbacks, and suffering. He requires us to work hard to achieve our goals. Whatever area that Saturn occupies in your chart will typically require more effort, hard work, and discipline for you to achieve or overcome.


In 2023, Saturn will heavily influence those born under the sign of Pisces. As such, those who will be impacted most will be tasked with placing restrictions on their sense of empathy and generosity. Sometimes Pisces can be overly empathic and sympathetic and too gregarious. They often over-extend themselves to help others. They can be quite self-sacrificing and can often play the martyr’s role. As such, Saturn will place challenges in their path, requiring them to set healthy boundaries with themselves and others. 

Illusions and Delusions

Likewise, these individuals will be forced to come out of la-la land and face reality on many fronts. Pisces can be subject to strong delusions – they often see the world as idyllic and to their liking. In this case, Saturn will teach them hard lessons so that they wake up and smell the coffee. Many will come to an understanding of how gritty and not-so-nice the world can be, causing them to develop thicker skin.

Emotional Upheavals

Pisces can also be overly emotional because of these traits and more. Individuals born under the influence of this sign tend to experience extremes of emotion in any regard. They can experience sadness and anger or even joy and happiness at the drop of a hat. And they wear their emotions on their sleeves, as the saying goes. Saturn will show them how to better manage their emotional ups and downs in productive and beneficial ways.  

Fear and Distrust

Pisces’ energy can also be extremely fearful and distrustful, yet loyal to a fault. Individuals with a heavy influence of this constellation are typically quite averse to high-level authority. They tend to be conspiracy theorists, which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. But it can become a toxic trait when these individuals isolate themselves or refuse to participate in society on a functional level. This transit will balance out some of these dynamics helping such individuals find a middle ground. 

The fearful nature of Pisces can also lead to addictive behaviors as a coping mechanism. As such, individuals with heavy Pisces influence can easily become alcoholics, drug addicts, shopaholics, sex addicts, and the like. Saturn will show up to help them regulate such behaviors. 


Saturn’s lessons are rarely easy and without challenges. Thus, Pisces will most likely experience many emotional upheavals during this Saturn transit. In fact, these lessons will probably be much harder on Pisces because of its emotional nature. A number of individuals who will be influenced by this energy may suffer greater bouts of depression or anxiety during this period. Though this energy may feel negative and uncomfortable, it is all designed to serve a very useful purpose. 

These challenges will force individuals under the influence of Pisces to remove people who take advantage of them from their path. It will also show them ways in which they are being taken advantage of. And it will compel them to stop these and other coping behaviors to prevent similar situations in the future. Likewise, Saturn will teach many lessons about loyalty, fear, shame, addiction, emotionalism, and other traits that Pisces needs to master. 

But many of these lessons could be painful. It may cause them to lose friendships or turn their backs on others. Likewise, gaining a deeper knowledge of themselves can be traumatizing. This is especially the case for Pisces, who can easily drift between worlds. The most important way for Pisces to protect themselves is to be aware. Understanding what’s going on will give them a greater sense of purpose as they master this transit. 


It will also be important for these individuals to work with their spiritual team to get the help and answers they need. An ancestral veneration practice is always helpful in this regard. Ifa, tarot, or other forms of divination can be useful tools for discerning spiritual communication. Likewise, those impacted by this transit should get additional help if necessary. This could be in the form of a coach, counselor, or trusted friend. Either way, protect yourself and your energy as you experience the many lessons and blessings that Saturn in Pisces will bring in 2023 and beyond.

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