Reimagining African Spirituality

attractive young African woman wearing traditional clothes and holding a mask

African spiritual systems are beautiful traditions. However, most of the world doesn’t see it as such. Sadly, our traditions have been demonized and desecrated to the point that our own people even shun and ostracize our native practices. Most of the images from our systems come from old colonial ideas about our people engaging in witchcraft and malevolent spellbinding. Sadly, not much has changed since the days of our ancestors.

As African spiritualists, we still have to battle inaccurate images about who we are as a people and how we engage with the spiritual world. Even the tools and instruments that we use in our systems are outdated and most of them were derived from European and other non-black manufacturers. We must change the dynamic if we expect our systems to survive in an ever-changing world that has almost forgotten the black narrative. Join me in this episode as I discuss the evolution and reimagining of African spirituality and much more.