Raise Your Vibration with Color

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Color therapy is a potent yet simple spiritual tool. You can easily raise your vibration with color if you understand this principle. However, we don’t always think about how valuable colors are in our spiritual growth and development. Because we oftentimes neglect to implement colors in efficient ways, we cause ourselves unnecessary problems.

I have been interested in color therapy for some time now. About 20 years ago, I really started to study the impact of colors in various environments. My interest in color vibrations was sparked when I learned about its role in advertising. Later I started learning about season color analysis, which helps determine the best colors to wear based on your complexion. I have used this technique for years.

As I embarked on my spiritual journey, colors became even more significant to me. At this stage in my journey, I have developed a deeper understanding of color vibrations as it relates to spirituality. I understand that colors are associated with our chakras. And, I know that colors are fundamental in selecting spiritual tools such as candles, crystals, stones, etc.

Color Taboos

After I started practicing Ifa, I developed a whole new relationship with color. Through divination, I learned that there are specific colors that I should and should not wear. This is part of my taboos. Taboos in Ifa are prohibitions that are personalized for each individual. They can range from wearing certain colors, eating certain foods, or even marrying a specific type of person.

When I first learned about my color taboos, I implemented them to honor Ifa without being too analytical about this. However, I did ask my Babalawo why it was important for me to wear certain colors. He responded that this was part of an agreement I made before coming to earth.

Color Vibrations

As I changed my wardrobe to comply with my taboos, I began to note how vastly this changed my life as well. One of my taboos requires me to wear white all the time. Yes, that means every day. I don’t have to wear all white, but it must be part of my ensemble in some significant way. I can also dress in other colors, but they are likewise specific. And, I should avoid wearing other colors like red and black too much.

I literally had to add white to my wardrobe because I wore so little white before receiving my taboos. After I started following this taboo, I noticed a significant change in my overall mood. I started feeling more peaceful. Things that used to get me upset did not easily stir me as they once did. When I dress in red or black, I also notice that I can quickly become sad, depressed, or angry. I was in awe of what a difference this made in my life.

When I realized the changes wearing specific colors made in my life, I started analyzing color vibrations more deeply. I know that I have an overwhelming amount of fire energy in my natal chart. Both my sun and moon signs are fire elements. I also have this element in other significant areas of my chart. So it made sense that white is necessary to cool me off and that red can easily fire me up. White is linked to cool, peaceful, pure vibrations. Contrarily, red synchronizes with passion, fire, vigor, anger, fervor, etc.

Change Your Frequency

While these specific colors work for me because of my astrological makeup and spiritual agreements, they may not work for others. If someone has more water energy in their chart, they may need to wear red, orange, yellow, and other vibrant colors to fire them up.

There are several ways that you can determine which colors work best for you. Analyzing your astrological chart is a helpful technique. However, deeper analyzes from a trained and qualified color analysis specialist may also be beneficial. Otherwise, you can use the following easy method to raise your vibration with colors.


It is important to know yourself when determining what colors are best for you. There are many ways you can learn more about your energetic pattern to determine which colors map to your aura. One of the quickest, more economical ways is through self-analysis.

If you feel shy, passive, or lethargic, you can use high-energy colors to liven you up. Bold colors like red, orange, or purple may be able to invigorate or embolden you. On the other hand, you may have issues assimilating your thoughts or using your words. Blue or yellow are effective for building intellectual capacity and confidence in this regard.

So, my first rule of thumb is to know yourself and understand what you want to change about yourself. If you wake up feeling tired, drained, or exhausted, it is best to use color to liven you up. On the other hand, you may want to change your personality dynamics. If you frequently get angry or upset easily, you can use lighter colors like white, pastels, etc., to calm you down.

Color therapy works best when implemented as part of your wardrobe. However, you can also use colors to spice up or tone down your environment.

Color Frequencies

The list below outlines color synchronicities that can help you enhance your frequency:

  • Black: Power, authority, protection, elegance, grace, sophistication, strength, prestige
  • Blue: Security, trust, intellectual capacity, loyalty, peace, calmness, confidence
  • Brown: Stability, grounding, reliability, comfort, protection, wisdom
  • Green: Harmony, growth, health, hope, prosperity, abundance, luck
  • Orange: Optimism, enthusiasm, playfulness, joy, creativity, positivity
  • Pink: Love, warmth, kindness, romance, femininity, compassion
  • Purple: Spiritual elevation, royalty, mystery, fantasy, wisdom, power
  • Red: Passion, energy, strength, motivation, stimulation, courage, desire, sensuality
  • Yellow: Happiness, joy, optimism, playfulness, intellectual stimulation, confidence
  • White: Purity, cleanliness, innocence, refreshing, balance, hope, clarity

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