Expat Interview Coaching


We equip expatiate job-seekers with the skills they need to master the interview process. We customize mock interview sessions for specific job opportunities. We also create generic mock interview sessions to help job-seekers prepare for interviews in their chosen career field. We offer customized coaching sessions to help job-seekers formulate resolute answers to common and industry-specific interview questions.

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Our career coaching services are designed to help individuals with wanderlust prepare to enter the expat workforce. We provide career guidance and advice to help you understand and pursue your passion and purpose.

We specialize in assisting job seekers secure international (expatriate) employment opportunities. Our team of experts has more than 10 years of experience working within the expat space in a variety of capacities.

Our coaches help you find, build, and implement viable job search tools and resources to jump-start, revive, or renew your career in international spaces. Our services currently include mock interview sessions that help job-seekers overcome interview anxiety and prepare for difficult interview questions. We also teach job seekers the fine art of salary and benefit negotiation.


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