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Our business coaching services include assistance with guiding the start-up process and business planning. We help entrepreneurs and small business owners harness their passion, and determine and set realistic business goals and objectives.

Our goal is to help you run your organization more efficiently. We help you review key indicators for success in your chosen market. We also help you understand the many variables that can impact your organization.

We help you discover limiting belief systems that are holding you back from achieving success. We motivate and encourage you to challenge and overcome these limitations.

Our coaches walk you through the steps of finding your niche, your target market, and your tribe. We also guide you through the process of developing a sound marketing strategy.

You receive personalized attention from our expert coaches. We provide you with beneficial and unbiased feedback based on our many years of experience in entrepreneurship.

We approach entrepreneurship from a holistic approach. We understand that in order for entrepreneurs to achieve satisfaction and fulfillment, they must invest their entire being in the business development process. This means addressing the physiological, psycho-social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life that present opportunities and threats that impact the achievement of our goals.

We understand that being an entrepreneur requires you to integrate many aspects of your life in the process. This obviously means exerting physical effort in developing and growing a business. Yet, it also includes navigating the dynamics of life obligations, social barriers, personal insecurities, past trauma, and other challenges.

This is why we examine and address these and other major forces that impact our clients’ lives throughout the coaching process. We also approach entrepreneurship from a spiritually-based perspective. While we don’t promote specific spiritual or philosophical belief systems, we do encourage and support our clients in incorporating their own spiritual practices in the business development process. We believe in balance and we are adamant about helping our clients achieve harmony as they pursue their goals.

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Our unique business coaching program will equip you with the skills to:

  • Overcome fear and limiting beliefs
  • Assess your entrepreneurship readiness
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy
  • Set a competitive pricing structure
  • Determine and negotiate your value
  • Develop and empower employees
  • Connect with an accountability partner
  • Effectively manage stress and burnout


We provide coaching services in the following areas and more:

  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Planning
  • Project Management
  • Employee Development
  • Training Programs
  • Proposal Development
  • Time Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Venture Capital Acquisition


Each of our business coaching packages includes the following services:

  • 90-Minute In-Take Consultation
  • 60-Minute One-on-One Sessions
  • Detailed Session Reports
  • Unlimited Email Support


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