Blessed Ileke Beads


These high-quality, durable ileke beads are blessed by a Babalawo in Yorubaland, Nigeria. These spiritual totems are consecrated unto an Orisa through a series of rites and ceremonies conducted by an Ifa priest. This process involves washing the beads in sacred herbs, conducting incantations, and cleansing and drying the beads.

The ultimate purpose of ileke beads is for spiritual protection. Consecrated ileke beads ward off evil spirits and bring many blessings to the wearer. They are a symbol of wisdom and knowledge and are used in many ceremonies and rituals in the Ifa tradition.

Ileke beads are traditionally worn on the wrist or around the neck. When you wear ileke beads, the Orisha connected to these blessed adornments continually protects you from the conspiracy of enemies and guides your path.

These are custom, handmade items, which means that the actual ileke bead design or color may vary slightly from the product image. Contact us if you desire a different ileke bead design.

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*Ileke beads typically ship within three days of the purchase date as they must undergo a sacred concentration process.

**Contact us directly when ordering multiple beads at one time for reduced shipping rates.

***If you need shipping to other countries, contact us directly as different shipping rates apply, which may decrease or increase the final price.

****Ask about ileke beads for other Orisas not included in this product listing if interested.

Return Policy

Due to the nature and scope of the divination, ritual, and other spiritual services provided by Asanee 44 LLC, all sales are final. These services involve considerable time, effort, and other resources, which cannot be recuperated once initiated. As such, clients will not receive refunds for canceled or rendered services.

Shipping Policy

All Ifa products ordered through Asanee 44 LLC ship from Nigeria via DHL Express. Allow 3-5 business days for processing time and order fulfillment. Once items ship, customers receive a tracking number via the email address provided when purchasing the item(s). Items typically arrive within 5-7 business days of shipping.

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