Blessed Gourd Spirit Rattle (Seere)


A blessed gourd rattle (seere) summons various spiritual forces in the Ifa tradition. It can be consecrated unto ancestral spirits, Egbe Orun, Sango, Esu, Oya, and other Orisas. Many spirits respond to the distinct sound of the seere. It is very effective in prayer, meditation, and ritual ceremonies. 

It wakes up the spirits, quickly calls them forth, and ensures their divine presence and attention during rituals and ceremonies. Simply shake it continuously while praying or meditating to connect with the power and energy of your spiritual team. Likewise, use it to ensure that your offerings and sacrifices reach the proper spirits when conducting ritual work.

Similar to any other spiritual tool, a rattle must be blessed to serve its useful purpose. As such, these rattles are consecrated through a series of rites and ceremonies conducted by a Nigerian-based Ifa priest. This process involves cleansing the rattle with sacred herbs and conducting special incantations. 

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*Gourd rattles typically ship within three days of the purchase date as they must undergo a sacred concentration process.

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Return Policy

Due to the nature and scope of the divination, ritual, and other spiritual services provided by Asanee 44 LLC, all sales are final. These services involve considerable time, effort, and other resources, which cannot be recuperated once initiated. As such, clients will not receive refunds for canceled or rendered services.

Shipping Policy

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