Baron Samdi T-Shirt (Premium Women)



Baron Samdi, or Baron Saturday, is probably one of the most well-known and favored loa in Haiti and throughout the world. This beloved spirit is the gatekeeper of the dead and leader of the Gede family of loa. He is heavily associated with death, the ancestors, and the afterlife. He owns access to the underworld – no one can transition to this realm without his permission. Because of his position as gatekeeper to the ancestral realm, he is also revered for his powerful healing abilities. Baron also governs sex and procreation. So if you are suffering from a curse, illness, or fertility issues, the veve of this loa will summon him to your aid.

One way to call upon this loa is by wearing this thoughtfully designed t-shirt inscribed with the insignia of this energy. It serves as a spiritual conduit and way to honor the deities of traditional African spirituality. So if you are a long-term practitioner, new to the tradition, or a curious observer, Ginen’s premier collection of Vodou veve imprinted t-shirts are a unique and fashionable way to pay homage to the spiritual legacy of our ancestors.

The woman’s soft-style tee is a more feminine take on the classic tee. The sleeves are shortened to reveal some shoulder. The fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester. There are no side seams because the garment is knit in one piece. The shoulders are taped with twill to prolong durability. The collar seam is reinforced with ribbed knitting.

.: 100% Ringspun cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors)
.: Light fabric (4.5 oz/yd² (153 g/m²))
.: Junior fit
.: Tear away label
.: Runs true to size

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