Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2043: The Meaning of this Transit

Pluto in Aquarius 2023

Pluto is set to enter the sign of Aquarius on March 23, 2023. It will stay in this sign until March 9, 2043, for a period of about 20 years. Pluto is one of the slowest-moving astral bodies within the solar system. This is why those with planets and positions in Aquarius should prepare for the long haul, as they are due to experience transformative changes in the years ahead. 

There has been debate over the years about whether Pluto is a planet or an asteroid. Regardless of the classification, this heavenly body packs a powerful punch. This Ruler of the Underworld brings catastrophic transformation and change. Pluto is known as the master of death, rebirth, renewal, evolution, and reinvention. It also governs mysticism, sex, and truth-seeking, which makes its energy very intense. As such, Pluto inhabits obsessive tendencies, which can lead to power struggles and upheavals.

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2043

Pluto’s movement through Aquarius is a “match made in heaven” of sorts. You see, Aquarius is all about innovation, initiative, and forward movement. This sign can be very independent and loves to make revolutionary waves. Likewise, Aquarius’s energy is visionary and very creative. And these aspects of Aquarius are a perfect match for Pluto’s transformative and creative attributes. 

But the waters can get a bit murky when we consider Aquarius’ friendly, humanitarian, optimistic, and truthful sides. Aquarius loves working with the collective, whereas Pluto can be aloof and a loner at times. This constellation is typically upbeat and optimistic, whereas Pluto can experience bouts of depression and melancholy because of its intense nature. 

Aquarius loves operating with truthful integrity. Though Pluto governs truth-seeking, its energy also enjoys being secretive and mysterious. In this sense, opposites will have to attract in order for those most impacted by this transit to enjoy a harmonious ride.

Pluto’s Transformative Power

So, what can we expect during this time? We will see many endings and hard closures related to social dynamics that impact the collective. Pluto is set to turn our social order upside down. During this time, we will experience the girth of the Age of Aquarius’ impact. We will see Pluto’s energy spin society into a new Earth.

Many people will rebel against the status quo calling for an end to many social injustices that have plagued our world for centuries. Institutional systems contributing to white supremacy, sexism, elitism, intellectualism, and the like will start crumbling. People will begin to think more for themselves instead of relying on the current narrative. The clichés that perpetuate stereotypes and biases will no longer impact the collective consciousness in the same insidious, disparaging ways.

More people from disenfranchised groups will rise up and take back their power. Likewise, individuals from these groups will rise to leadership positions in staggering numbers. Also, get ready for sexual revolutions – not just the kinds that occur in the bedroom. No, I mean pivotal changes that will revert gender roles and bring the feminine dynamic back to its rightful place. Individuals from marginalized groups will be at the forefront of society in ways as we have never seen before.

Fortunately, many of these transitions will occur on a collective level giving them stamina and staying power. That means that the changes we experience during this time will last for generations. And much of it will occur through ancestral wisdom and occultic knowledge. Much truth will be revealed that will force us to see the light. So, expect a very active presence throughout the spiritual realm during this time. 

Power Struggles

These changes will not come without upheavals. The powers that be will not give up their position easily. Though, in some instances, they may appear amicable on the surface, they will strategize to retain their power. So, this will be a hard-won, intense fight for those engaged in the heat of the battle.

Pluto In Aquarius Through The Luminaries

This transition will impact each of us differently. Some will be affected slightly, while others with luminaries in Aquarius will be influenced the most. But everyone will be impacted based on what planets were positioned in this sign in their natal charts. So, take a look at how Pluto’s transit may impact you if you have these planets in Aquarius.

The Sun

If the Sun is in Aquarius in your natal chart, you will experience this transit outwardly. The Sun governs how we show up in the world. It’s how we give and receive authority. The Sun’s overall tone is masculine because this energy is penetrating. The sun reflects the external aspects of our world. As such, if you have this placement, you can expect these changes to impact how you show up in the world. You will be at the forefront of all the action as you will shine a spotlight on society’s sore spots. Likewise, you will help us find our way through this paradigm shift. 

The Moon

If the moon is in Aquarius in your natal chart, your subconscious and emotions will be connected to this transition. This energy will be the driving force in ensuring that we have a deep knowledge of and understanding of what’s going on. Individuals born with the moon in Aquarius will be the ones who keep us emotionally fueled during this period. Your thoughts will be directed toward the collective as you develop innovative solutions to societal ills. Because the moon’s power helps us see the unseen, your ability to connect with the spiritual realm will be heightened during this transit.


If Mercury is in Aquarius in your natal chart, you will be the brainchild of this operation. This planet is intellectual, analytical, and cerebral. He governs our communication sector and mental acuity. In Aquarius, Mercury’s communication is centered around revolutionary ideas that pertain to the collective. As such, you can expect to have or present high-level conversations about social justice issues. Likewise, you will help maintain order and keep us moving in the right direction. 


If Mars is in Aquarius in your natal chart, you will be a motivational force during this shift. Mars is the ruler of war, bringing the heat wherever he goes. As such, this fiery energy will ensure that necessary societal changes take shape as Mars will get it started like MC Hammer. Those with this planet in Aquarius will help us carve a new path to a better world for the collective.  


If Venus is in Aquarius in your natal chart, you will maintain peace and harmony among the masses. Venus rules finance, romance, health, and beauty. As such, you will become a beacon of love and light during trying times. Likewise, you will play a role in shifting the power dynamics through the transition of wealth. You will help discover new and innovative ways to create a more balanced social and financial ecosystem.


If Jupiter is in Aquarius in your natal chart, you will explore many philosophical ideas related to utilitarianism. Jupiter rules philosophical and spiritual pursuits related to the meaning of life. This planet also governs travel, and he is the Great Benefactor. Though, this energy is also concerned with moral order and justice. So, you may be heavily focused on ending and changing dynamics that contribute to social disorder. You may share your ideas and beliefs about this dynamic on a global scale. 


If Saturn is in Aquarius in your natal chart, you will focus heavily on pragmatism, discipline, and limitations. This planet is the Taskmaster of the Universe. He keeps things in order through limitations and restrictions. As such, he will show us how these dynamics have played a role in inhuman social structures. Likewise, this planet will show us how to restrict the power of those who have contributed to social disparities. Your role will be centered around establishing and maintaining structure as we transition into a New Heaven and Earth.


If Uranus is in Aquarius in your natal chart, you will be at home during this transition. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, which means you will embody significant attributes related to this shift. This planet oversees the elements of humanitarianism, innovation, invention, revolution, rebellion, etc. As such, you will be involved in many aspects of these dynamics. You may play a key role in this shift on the world stage as you lead the charge.


If Neptune is in Aquarius in your natal chart, you will be focused on creating a new vision for the future. Neptune rules the imaginary world, illusions, dreams, and even delusions. It is a very spiritual energy that is highly connected to the astral realm. As such, you may be delivering critical messages from Spirit that teach us how to move forward effectively. Your insight will be greatly valued and appreciated as the collective looks for innovative solutions to problems. 

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