Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio | October 2022 | Astrology & Tarot

Partial Solar Eclipse Scorpio

On October 25, 2022, we will experience a new moon partial solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. This energy is sure to be intense as eclipse energy triumphs over other forces. As such, it transforms us in unexpectedly profound ways. 

This new moon eclipse will occur at 2 degrees of Scorpio. It will impact individuals with major planetary aspects between 29 degrees of Libra and 7 degrees of Scorpio. We can typically expect to understand the influence of eclipse energy up to one month before or after the actual event. 

Scorpio energy is all about mysticism, the hidden, and the occult. It is also the progenitor of birth, rebirth, and transformation cycles. This sign also rules over sex and death. As such, we can expect hidden information to present itself during this season. This can and will play out in global events but it will likewise impact us on a personal level. So, get ready for some shockers during this season.

Also, prepare for sexually charged, heated passion as we flow through Scorpio season. You are bound to experience more intensity and pleasure in this area if major planets touch this area of your chart. If you aren’t quite ready to bring forth new life, cover up because your ancestors may be ready to return through your bloodline.

Ancestor and spirit communication will likewise be high during this season. This is why Halloween is typically celebrated during this time of year. Traditionally indigenous cultures observed the Day of the Dead around Nov. 2 and enjoyed ancestral festivals throughout the month of November when Scorpio enjoys the limelight. 

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