New Moon in Virgo Aug 2022 | Astrology & Tarot | Career, Business, Finances

Check out my new moon in Virgo astrology and tarot reading for Aug 27, 2022 on the Wisdom App. This is a great time to set intentions for your career, business, and financial endeavors.

Get ready for the following cosmic transitions in the upcoming weeks:

Aug 27: New Moon 4 degrees Virgo

  • This energy will drive us to focus on organization and pragmatism in our career, business, and finances. It’s a great time to clean out physical or virtual clutter and get our finances in order. This energy is perfect as we enter into the autumn season.
  • Likewise, it is time to look at our ideas, goals, and ambitions from a practical perspective. This new moon will give us the energy to strategize about our career, business, and financial plans rather than just winging it.
  • Virgo new moons are also the ideal time to give to those less fortunate. If you practice within a traditional system, this is one of the best times to give offerings to children or others in the name of your ancestors, Egbe, etc. You will reap great blessings from your heart-felt, sincere generosity in doing so. Otherwise, you can plan a charity event or volunteer your services as a means of attracting positive your karmic flow.

Sep 03: First Quarter Moon 11 degrees Sagittarius

  • This energy will bring us luck and blessings in almost every aspect of our career, business, and finances. However, it will be particularly useful in spiritual, philosophical, and educational endeavors. This is a great time to kick start projects in these areas and more.

Sep 05: Venus enters Virgo

  • Venus will bring the energy of love and passion to Virgo. While this could definitely light some romantic fires, this energy will be more about drive and ambition. You will feel greater commitment and drive to get things in order and done. So, if you have needed an extra push to move forward, Venus will surely do the trick as she collaborates with the perfectionist Virgo.

Sep 06: Pallas enters Cancer

  • Pallas is the perfect balance between intellect and intuition. So when she shows up in the sign of Cancer, will feel a greater connection to the maternal energy that governs the instinctual parts of our personality. While we will have a greater connection to our intuition during this time, we will also be more inclined to act with logic as we use our mental prowess to problem solve. 

Sep 10: Mercury Retrograde 8 degrees Libra 

  • Mercury will retrograde from Sept 10-Oct 2, 2022. In general, Mercury retrograde cycles are not the best time to publish, sign contracts, purchase electronic equipment, or make long-term commitments related to anything that deals with communication. This retrograde grade in Libra will focus on balance and equilibrium, particularly in relationships and partnerships. As such, it is a great time to review patterns in our relationship dynamics that are out of sync. You can learn more about this upcoming Mercury retrograde in this video